Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's been a mighty busy mail week...

...and I'll be bombing y'all out throughout the evening, so bear with me, as we start with yesterday:

We'll start with this week's first appearance of our old pal Gil! This '71 Topps card was in a lot of 3 cards along wih the NL RBI Leaders card (Bench, Perez and Billy Williams on the same card? Not bad, but not too visually stunning either, so I'll spare you), and my first playing-era card of this guy:

I've got maybe a couple collector issues of his (an UD Legends Of New York card and maybe another one somewhere), but none from the 300 years during which he actually played the game. Nice package, all in all, especially for $2 shipped!

I got one other card yesterday, of a guy who I really need to post more cards of:

Dean Chance. What a badass. This one was a buck shipped, so I had no problem pulling the trigger. Looking to complete his short run of cards as soon as I can. I've also developed something of a fascination with those early, Chance/Belinsky Angels of late, and with some of the rough luck the franchise has had in general. (Lyman Bostock, Donnie Moore, Nick Adenhart, etc.) Definitely some subjects I'd like to read more about. I know Bo Belinsky wrote a book (Hackenbush posted a picture of the paperback recently), but I'm sure there's more out there about the franchise. Just haven't really dug my heels in looking yet. Any recommendations?

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