Friday, March 25, 2011

Last Weekend's Flea Market Finds

I figure I should probably post these before I end up getting more, eh?

We'll start off with some '77 Kellogg's from the same guy I got my last couple from! Nice when this stuff turns up, even if a couple of the ones I've gotten have been worse for wear. Andy's got great hair here, too.

Jose Cruz was some kinda badass, wasn't he? It's pretty hard to look tough in an Astros uniform, but he always managed to.

It's almost impossible to see, but this Frank Tanana card has some of the worst cracking I've seen on a Kellogg's card. After seeing how nicely it scanned up, I may go back and scan the Cesar Geronimo I got a few weeks ago after all.

Here's some more stuff I love finding, but rarely do: Cramer Sports (later Pacific) Baseball Legends. I bought a bunch of these in '86 or so (at the card show where I met Hank Aaron), and I'd love to finish all 4 series. Joe here's from Series 4 (note the different name font than the cards I'm posting below it), and you just don't run into a lot of Shoeless Joe cards, because of the licensing issues.

See? Very slight font difference on Billy Herman (from Series 1). Great shot. Is it posed?

Luke Appling's also from Series 1. I'm probably the closest to finishing Series 1 (I think I need 11 of those; the numbers I need are on the ol' want list), but I've got a fair bit of 2 and 3 as well. 4's been tougher for me, and I've never seen the box bottom cards (121-124) in person. I was tracking a complete run of all of it on eBay for a while, but I didn't have $70 to drop on it, and eventually, it sold. I'll scan some more of these if there's interest. Last time I said that, with Wally Joyner, I heard crickets, but I figure some of the names in this set might attract some curiosity.

I got a couple more 100 cases of cards for a buck, and there were some Ryne Sandbergs in one of them. I'm not much of a Sandberg fan at all, honestly, but you have to admit, the guy always knew how to look good on a baseball card...

...even if he had high-tech help once in a while.

We'll cap this off with another great old Islander card. That aqua paper background they used on the '75-'76 cards was awesome, wasn't it? I'll confess to not knowing a lot about the somewhat storied history of the team before I started watching in general, and Garry Howatt in particular, though I've got a vague recollection of my friend's dad, a lifelong Flyers fan, telling me a story about trashtalking this guy in his own golf shop. Pretty sure it was Howatt. 

It's weird coming into a new sport this late in life, not knowing much about the history of it, or of my team, though I know I made the right choice picking them. You know how, when you see a team that becomes "yours", you get that feeling in your gut that this is it? Yeah, that. (I wish I'd feel that way about a baseball team again.) I know the Isles won 4 Stanley Cups in a row, I heard some of the names on sportscasts throughout the years (Bossy, Trottier, and LaFontaine, who came later), and I know that, while they've put a solid core of kids together, they're still not what most people would call a great hockey team or even a good one, but there's just a ton I don't know yet, and don't have that connection to, the way I do with baseball. Hockey history also seems like a far more arcane strain of knowledge than most of the other major sports, so it's not as easy to come by, and mostly feels like it's still shared person-to-person through anecdotes. I'll see how it comes along, certainly, and in the meantime, the low-budget awesomeness of old hockey cards is what finally got me to start watching in the first place, so when I find this stuff for the right price, I'll keep picking it up and learn what I can through the cards.

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