Sunday, March 27, 2011

Night Owl Cards: The Trade!

It all started with an innocent Duke Snider puzzle card...

...moved onward and upward to a Seattle Pilot I still needed (7 more base Topps cards to go!)...

...then came the glory of the Wockenrookie! (Or is it the Rookenfuss?)

From there, Wade Boggs took an unexpected trip to Ames, possibly in search of more Miller Lites.

Meanwhile, Babe Ruth took a trip to Brooklyn, in search of a managerial opportunity that never came. Damned if he doesn't look awesome in a Dodgers uniform, though.

Finally, we wrapped things up in the surreal, but uncreased landscape of a '74 Topps Steve Garvey card!

Night Owl is one of the best people out there writing about cards, and this trade was pretty OK, too. Enjoy your cards, man, and over time, I'll actually try to find some Dodgers that you don't have (which, man, that's a chore if you've never tried, people!). Thanks again!

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  1. That's funny, I seem to think there are LOTS of Dodgers that I don't have.

    Thanks for the trade!


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