Friday, March 11, 2011

Once more into the dollar box...

I had a bit of a stressful morning, so after I took care of the business I had to, I took a drive, and eventually ended up at Sportsnut Cards again, as it was on my way to my weekend plans, a cheap form of retail therapy with those Heritage boxes not in any of the stores near me, and because a few cards I'd left in their dollar box were nagging at me. (Whoever had "three" in the pool on how many rationalizations I'd use for going there, collect your prize at the front desk!) Everything was right where I stashed it on Monday, so I present to you...CARDS I OVERPAID A LITTLE FOR IN THE NAME OF STRESS RELIEF!

w00, Mark Prior rookie card! I've wanted one of these (this Fleer Platinum number, in particular; I like this set) for a while, but the opportunity just hadn't presented itself. This card was supposed to be worth as much as some of the other 2001 rookies by now, wasn't it?

I might not actually need this for long, as I've been talking to a fella about trading for an '85 Fleer set, but for now, I'm glad to have another early, slightly hard to get Boggs card.

Getting another Molitor card I don't have (How do I not have an '80 Molitor?) is always good, too. His signature looks great here, all multi-level and whatnot.

Hey, a '75 Garvey! Still need a '74, but I'm happy to have anything of his that I don't have. Another guy who, like him or not, has been screwed out of the Hall Of Fame so far. Time was, there weren't many ballplayers as famous or as good as Steve Garvey for a pretty extended period of time, and while I hated him for it as a kid, grown-up me has a ton of respect for what the guy did on the ballfield. As for the off-the-ballfield stuff everyone fixates on (Google it if you're really curious), people already in the Hall have done worse, and people who will get in before Garvey does probably have, too.

And finally, a card which I kept almost-getting for each of my visits to the store, and one which probably would've been there until Judgment Day, but I'm glad I snagged it. My name is Scott, and I'm a Mike Pagliarulo fan. I've been existing in a sort of denial about it for reasons that I just can't place, but Pags was a hard-nosed, gritty ballplayer who was a lot of fun to watch during his time in New York, and one of the bright spots on a team that just couldn't get it together all the way. This card is from the regional Hills Nashville Sounds set, and really, how often do you run into Mike Pagliarulo minor league cards in boxes of random stuff?


  1. the platinum Prior is cool, I can't wait to see what I get from this set in the communitygum break

  2. Pagliarulo was my favorite Yankee growing up. I still remember when I found out he was traded to San Diego - it was a sad moment for me, the first time a player I really liked was traded away.

  3. Pags really was awesome, wasn't he? Tough guy, too. I remember the game when his nose got broken. He looked pissed off, not hurt.


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