Monday, March 14, 2011

The Round Up For 03/14/11

We'll start today off with this swell card of Jack McKeon. Why? Because it's awesome.

So, it seems that Bryce Harper is going to Hagerstown after all. Hopefully, he'll stick around until May 13th so I can see him play my Lakewood BlueClaws. Thanks to the BlueClaws for mentioning Scott Crawford On Cards on Twitter over the weekend, by the way!

In other, totally unrelated news, I've been meaning to mention this article about Connie Marrero, currently the oldest living Major Leaguer for over a week, but hadn't gotten to it yet. Don't expect much fanfare for Connie otherwise, as he's been living in Cuba since before Castro's revolution. Terrific article. Connie had some great cards between '51-'54 that I almost splurged on over the last week, but I managed to behave for now.

Still no Heritage in my neck of the woods as of last night. We've got Opening Day blasters, but I can wait. I'm not much of an Opening Day fan, really. Cool inserts this year, but I can probably trade for those or pick 'em up as singles if I'm really desperate for 'em.

That's all I've got for the moment. Once I'm home later today, I'll probably have some more packages from The Binge to post about. Nope, it's not all here yet. eBay spending has slowed down to nothing, though, so there's that, and I'm only watching a small handful of cards that are still Binge-worthy, along with a few for The $5 Challenge at the moment. Baby steps. Depending on what got mailed when, there may be a trade post or two coming. Stay tuned!


  1. A post that mentions two items that you DIDN'T pick up...I applaud your self control :)

  2. Nathan, you would not be applauding if you saw my mailbox today. >:D

    Actually, it really wasn't that bad aside from the 350 or so cards I got from Chris on eBay. A few incoming packages from you folks made it look scarier than it was.

    However, I will probably be heading to Target up by me after dinner, in search of Heritage.


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