Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Round-Up for 3/16/11: Some Changes And A Draft!

First up, just to keep things frisky here, I'm going to post a card that was scanned a while ago and never made it onto the site proper. I'll do this for now on in Round-Ups, I think, because I hate to think that those cards won't get seen unless they come up in the random picture viewer.

I got this Jim Piersall during my Pennsylvania trip back in October. I need to get around to watching and reading "Fear Strikes Out" sometime soon, as the little bit I do know about his story sounds interesting. Normally I'm not a huge fan of the '65 design (in the minority there), but it works really well on this card, even with the baby blue border.

OK, onto business.

I've been talking about holding a Trade Bait Draft since the Mooss had his last month. We'll be getting to that after this weekend, I think. I just have to lock down the last few in-progress trades I've got going on, and go through my boxes over the next day or so to see what kinda extra goodies I can throw into this thing (because I've undoubtedly got more laying around here than is reflected in the current trade list).

Sometime over the next week, I'll also need volunteers to help me test the boundaries of the chat functionality in Google Docs. I've talked to a few of you on this when I see you guys looking at my want and trade lists. The ideal situation for me would be to actually hold the draft on the trade list page, as it'd keep us all from having to flip back and forth between sites/apps/whatever. I could even embed scans of the higher-end stuff in the trade list for the night, and update your winnings as I go here. However, I need to make sure that 1. the chat window can handle us beating it up without much or any lag and 2. we can identify people, since so far, everyone I've had looking at the list has shown up as an anonymous user with a number next to their name. The numbers could actually be identifiers, since I'm pretty sure it assigns those numbers by IP address, but we've gotta test things.

I don't live in the 21st century entirely, so I won't be going with the bells and whistles of the webcam/voicechat setup, but I will be making scans of all the higher-end stuff before the draft starts, so interested parties can see it. They may even end up right on the trade list page, as I said above. I'll poke at things and let y'all know.

I'm going to go with 6 draft slots, 25 cards per entrant, $10 per entrant just like the Mooss' draft (though I think he had 5 people drafting). At Midnight Eastern on Sunday night/Monday morning if you don't go by TV Guide time, I'll be freezing all deals-in-progress, so that the trade list you see at the time you enter the draft will accurately reflect what's available until the draft is over. If you're in a deal with me that hasn't been completed, anything I've committed to you verbally will be kept on the side for you (I physically keep piles of cards for folks, which makes my main bookshelf look like a mess, but it's for a good cause), but otherwise, if there's stuff you're interested in that you haven't committed to, please get in touch by Midnight Eastern on Sunday night/Monday morning so we can work that out.

If you're interested in drafting and have a preferred time that you'd like to draft, please let me know. I can't promise that we'll be able to make everyone happy when we're coordinating a bunch of peoples' schedules, but I will do my best.

More details on the draft will be hashed out over the next day or so, so please stay tuned.

Onto the next round of business. I've got two Twitter accounts, and I hardly ever use the one listed on this site for anything but robo-posts about new entries. I've been doing what I think is a fairly good job of keeping this site separate from the rest of my life on the 'net, not because I have anything to hide (a Google search can turn up plenty about me) but because I wanted to keep the focus of this site where it belongs, on the cards. However, when you're dealing with social networking, that sometimes leads to cobwebs on the accounts that aren't easy to get to, and the crawfordoncards Twitter account is one such account. So, I'll be mothballing that for now, and experimenting with letting you all spend time with the rest of what's on my mind on a given day. I've got the robo-posts there too, so you'll know when I've updated, but I do talk about things that aren't trading cards there. (Though, with the card audience coming over to the main account, I'll probably spend more time talking about cards than I do, since there'll actually be a reason to.) I also express "opinions" there (some of which you may not agree with, but I'm hoping that a mutual love of cards bridges those gaps), I have my other web site's URL listed there (you'll see), and I work considerably more blue on that account than I do on here (for those who don't understand what I just said because they didn't spend much time in the Catskills in the '50s: I use curse words), so if you're under 18, get your parents' permission before calling.

Anyway, yeah, new Twitter address for this site:

We'll see how this experiment works. Hopefully, you'll be gentle and not get too offended by me being me.

That's about it for now. Gotta deal with some other web stuff that blew up sometime in the past couple of weeks without my knowledge until now. Let me know if you're interested in the trade bait draft, and we'll take things from there.


  1. I love the idea! I won't be joining (lol I'm broke) but I might show to see how things go. And I love the googledocs idea - I've messed with it a bit for school and it can be pretty easy to chat. Tougher for my slower computer...but then so was my draft with video hahaha.

  2. Hey Scott, was just in the chat, everyone shows up as anonymous, although according to this you should be able to give us permission to view and hence identities

    Google Docs displays only the identities of people who are explicitly given permission to view or edit a document (either individually or as part of a group).

  3. I haven't forgotten about our trade - it's taking a long time because I have a LOT of cards for you in the 80-84 Topps area. Between pulling cards and typing the list up (and work, and life) it's taking a while but I'll get the list to you soon.

    And then I have to figure out what I want in return!

  4. Nathan: thanks for the link. I'll probably do some testing over the weekend.

    Bo: I've still got a lot to add to the list, and if I do the draft, only 150 cards will be leaving. If we're gonna do one of our blockbusters, take your time. I'm buried in sorting and cataloguing here myself, heh.


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