Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Round-Up For 3/2/11: "I'm Buggin' Out!"


Yep. It's finally happened. I'm buggin' out! I have something like 6 trades that are currently, definitely in progress, a few that are in transit, and there are probably a few of those "Hey, wanna trade?" half-trades in comments that I've lost track of. This doesn't get into this past week's eBay binge.

Here's who I have accounted for:

Packages are somewhere in the ether to/from dayf, moremonkeys138 and skoormit.

ShaneK and I have had a deal in gestation forever, and it'll finish when it finishes.

Night Owl and I were talking Donruss Duke and puzzle pieces.

I inquired as to the availability of a few things from Julie over at Things Are Funner Here over the weekend.

Derek and I are working on Round 3

Potch Wheeler and I have been kicking around some stuff.

Michael S., he who's actually sane enough to not have a site yet, has just started talking to me about a deal.

And, finally, I think I've put feelers out on a deal with Play At The Plate a few times, but I've no idea if there's actually anything in progress.

 Is that everyone, or am I missing some folks?

Moving on...

This beautiful bastard showed up today, bringing me down to 8 total base Topps Pilots that I still need. If you've got spares of the following, get in touch:

‘69 Topps:

233 Steve Barber
254 Joe Schultz
301 Darrell Brandon
394 Pilots Rookies (Piniella/Staehle)

‘70 Topps:

88 Pilots Rookies (Baney/Fuentes)
556 Dave Bristol
574 Bobby Bolin
688 Ted Kubiak

This fella showed up today, too. He's kinda awkward in his crazy red hat, but we like him anyway. Amazingly, and probably somewhat sacrilegiously, every Santo card I have is of him as a member of the White Sox, at least in spirit. Go figure. Cubs fans must hate this card, as it set me back well under a buck shipped (but wasn't bought in time for this month's $5 Challenge, alas).  I'm actually starting to rack up some '74 Tradeds over here, too. 7 now. Still a ways to go, but I've got Marichal, Santo, Wynn, Marshall and Piniella out of the way already, so it's basically commons and the checklist to go.

Contest round-up! Play At The Plate! Tomahawk Chopping! Go enter and be happy!

For those wondering, the next "CAPTION THIS CARD!" contest is coming soon. I should start assembling the prize package for it within the next few weeks. Have a few cool (I think) ideas. The card you'll have to caption was chosen months ago, and is lurking somewhere on my slideshow.

Finally, while I hate to end stuff on a down note, baseball's having a rough week. Fresh on the heels of Duke Snider's passing comes the news that Wally Yonamine has also passed away. Wally, who was featured less than two months ago as part of The Infinite Baseball Card Set, was a groundbreaking multisport athlete (playing football for the 49ers and baseball for the Yomiuri Giants), a member of the Japanese Baseball Hall Of Fame, the first American to play professional baseball in Japan after World War II and a player, coach or manager in Japan for 37 years. What a life.

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  1. Let's get a deal done! I'll find some stuff off your want list and you can find me some Rangers or the stuff you mentioned on the comment you left the other day.


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