Friday, March 25, 2011

The Round-Up For 3/25/11: 6 months!

Yes, as of today, Scott Crawford On Cards! has existed for 6 months. I think it's fair to say that I've gotten my use out of it so far. Thanks to everyone who's helped make this such an awesome ride.

Here, look at some Joe Mauer purple diamond-ness as a reward! These cards are the Toys 'R Us exclusives, similar to the red and blue cards for Target and Wal-Mart, respectively. There's only 10 cards in the Toys 'R Us set, compared to 20 each for the others, so it shouldn't be that tough of a set to pick up. The cards are in retail blister packs, so you can nail one, along with some other inserts and trade bait and a wrapper to redeem if you've finished Series 1 already, for $2. While some would consider it evil horrible pack-searching, you can see which card is in your pack fairly easily in some cases, so it takes the risk of doubles out to a degree. What I would be careful of, in buying these, is the corners. The cards are loose in the blister pack (not Topps' best job ever packaging something), so the corners do take a beating in some cases. That pretty much guarantees that anything above a PSA 8 is going to go for bank on these. 

Here's one more, this one of Troy Tulowitzki:

I'm partial to purple anyway, but I think these are the best-looking of the three diamond sets.

Anyway, back to what's been going on with the site, and what will be going on. Bo and I are in the process of closing out another monster deal, so my trade list is a shambles right now. I'm still in "no more trades until the dust settles" mode anyway, but even if you were thinking about making an offer on something I've listed, hold off for a week or two. I'd say that there are still a few hundred cards I haven't taken off the list (I was 3 or 4 trades behind on this before Bo and I got revved up), along with a few hundred I need to add. I've gotten my cards to the point where it'll be a fairly quick process to audit the list, but stuff's a mess right now.

While I'm still assembling the prize package, the next round of "CAPTION THIS CARD!" will be starting very, very soon, possibly as soon as today, possibly a little later (probably no later than Tuesday or Wednesday, though). The only hold up is the scanning I need to start doing for the prize package-in-progress.

Scanning is pretty much the bane of my existence at this point. Were it not for the labor involved, I could probably rattle off the 44495873858372 trade posts and change (Bo, Julie, Johnny and Night Owl and AJ have all sent stuff along, and I'm waiting on a few other trade packages right now as well) that I'm behind on at the moment in no time flat, and share some more Heritage pickups, too. I've even got a whopping two Opening Day cards now, both worth looking at. I just hate sitting at "the scanning computer" for roughly a minute per card when we're talking about more than maybe 10 cards (and believe me, right now, we're talking about more than 10 cards). Tips on how to make scanning less aggravating are more than welcome.

One more thing to get to before I get my morning nap in: over the course of the past month or so, I won a ton of card lots from Chris, one of the eBay sellers I'd profiled a while back. Now, as it happens when you're dealing with a ton of cards, sometimes, stuff gets mixed up, and in this case, a lot of some Rays that I won went...somewhere and one lot of Brewers didn't make it into the envelope. Once we'd ascertained that the Brewers lot didn't make it out and the Rays lot wasn't here and wasn't at Chris' place anymore, Chris happily offered to send me some cards of players I like as a make-good effort. More than fine with me, but in the correspondence we were having, I'd also asked Chris if there were any ungraded Blake Griffin (yep, I'm intrigued) rookies laying around their place, since they were listing a bunch of slabbed ones and sell a ton of basketball boxes aside from those. When my Brewers arrived, instead of a small lot of cards from my guys, this was in the envelope with them...

Nice! I'll take that!

Now I don't have to worry about hunting for one, overpaying for it based on the hype or opening any basketball wax looking for a card of his, and can continue on with my Jordan/Erving/Ming-only basketball collecting habits!

I've already thanked Chris privately for this, but I wanted to do it again here, too. Even when stuff gets weird (and to be fair, we were talking about orders of dozens of very similar, small lots of late '90s-early '00s cards), the customer service is fantastic, and the proof is right above this paragraph in that picture of the guy what dunks a lot of them basketballs these days. If you haven't already started following Chris' auctions, I don't even mind if you snipe a few from me! Chris is totalpackagenapa on eBay, and they sell a bunch of fun stuff, all of it with free shipping! 

And no, unexpected Blake Griffin card aside, I don't feel that I'm being paid or have been paid for this endorsement that Chris doesn't even know I'm making. Your mileage may vary. I've just gotten more than my share of headaches from eBay users over the 15 years I've been on the site (man, I'm getting old), so it feels important to me to highlight the good ones when I find them, even at the risk of driving up prices on things I enjoy.

OK, naptime for me. Enjoy your weekend, everyone, and I'll try to get a post or three in during it! I will dig myself out of the backlog, oh yes, I will!


  1. My scanner doesn't really scan cards well so I use a digital camera with a digital macro setting. It's a lot quicker than one minute per card, even if it doesn't look quite the same.

  2. Congrats on 6 months Scotty...and stop trading away all your trade bait before I have a chance to draft it :P


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