Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Round-Up for 3/31/11: CAPTION THIS CARD! II Edition

Wow, this snuck up on us, eh? I blame Toppstown and Opening Day (I'm still pissed at the Yanks, but it was nice to see Mike Mussina throw out the first pitch today). "CAPTION THIS CARD! II" ends in just a few short hours, at 11:59 PM Eastern Time TONIGHT! I've also gotta scramble, as I meant to post some more prizes to the list, but I'm not sure if my scanner's going to behave and I've still got to actually pick the prizes out. If I don't get to the listing of new prizes before the deadline, rest assured, there will be more prizes, and I'll surprise y'all with them. So far, there's only one entry (and here The Mojo Beard are complaining about "only" 96 entries to their ZOMG STRASBURG contest), so the field is wiiiiiide open! Head to the "CAPTION THIS CARD! II" link now, and you may still be able to win some stuff! Oh, and those contests that The Mojo Beard are running are AWESOME, so follow that link too.

Player Of The Month may also be delayed a bit, as I'm exhausted right now, and have to make sure I've got scans of everything I want to use in it (though I don't have a lot by this month's player). It's going to be April, so it shouldn't be hard for you to guess who this month's player is. One of these days, I need to pick another player whose cards I have some chance of getting in trade.

Speaking of trades, my trade list is almost fully audited and repaired after the onslaught of Bo Trade II: This Time, It's Personal and a bunch of others. I can't give the "all clear" on new trades just yet, and it's not time yet to do the Trade Bait Draft (which only two of you have expressed an interest in so far, anyway, so that's up in the air), but a ton of progress is being made to restore order in these parts.

There are trade posts to get to, as well! I still have to do a trade post for the Bo trade, and also for trades from Spiegel and Coot Veal (and his Vealtones). Stay tuned for those, folks, they're coming. Cards need scanning, and Scott Crawfords need sleep, or they'd happen right now.

Enjoy the rest of your Opening Day, folks and get those contest entries in NOW! I'll leave you with one of those "Cards I Meant To Post, But Didn't"...

Happy Opening Day, J.R. Richard, wherever you are!

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