Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday Flea Market Adventures II: Nerds In Paradise

This morning, I headed out once again to my local flea market, to see what kinda trouble I could get into. I ended up finding more than my share, but I'll stick to the highlights as best I can here.

The bad news: someone had cherry-picked the Bonds rookie out of the '86 Fleer Update set this Canseco was in. The good news: the incomplete set and a ton of other cards were only a couple bucks, and I already have a complete '86 Fleer Update set. I picked out cards of guys I collect and cards I thought were cool (I am going to do that "best of the '80s" album sometime this year), and the rest went on Ye Old Trade List. If you've ever wanted to pick off some singles from this set without paying the Bonds Tax, this might be the time. The Canseco's staying with me for now, though, as are a few more... this masterpiece of "Where the hell am I?"...

...and yet another card where Ted Simmons looks totally baked (I'll feel terrible if the guy has some kinda eye condition I'm not aware of)...

...and this. I don't actually need to explain this one, do I?

This was in the big-ass pile of cards included with the incomplete '86 Update. It may simultaneously be the best Mitch Williams card I own now, and Exhibit A in Mitch's civil suit against the creators of "Eastbound And Down".

Damn, Crime Dog. You scary! I got a bunch of these Greats Of The Game cards in one lot. Some cool stuff in there.

This card's been seen a million times, I'm sure, but it's still a great and I've never owned one until today, so here it is.

This one, from roughly the same time period, is equally cool. I know he didn't live up to a lot of the hype thrust his way (you know, like every other player of his generation), but still, you never hear about Danny Tartabull anymore. He was a good Yankee when there weren't many. Here's to you, Danny!

I dig that they had to put "Sr." on his card here.


I don't know how, but I always end up finding cheap Maz cards.

A little rough around the edges here, but another one off the '71 list that I haven't moved to my wants yet.

Lou had some great cards in the mid-'70s.

This one snuck into my pile of cards, and I've wanted one for a while now, but damn it, that crease is MURDER. Any of you Dodger fans in the audience who I'm in the middle of a deal with have an extra?

I think this last, and best card of the day made up for it, even though it has a tiny, invisible-to-the-scanner crease itself. A really nice '67 here, and it cost me less than a quarter.

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  1. I forgot that Frank Thomas card existed. One of my favorites growing up. Gotta track one down.


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