Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday Flea Market Adventures

This morning, I made what's starting to become a weekly trip to the flea market. It was a much nicer day than we've had the past two weekends, so there were some, but not a lot of dealers out. I came away with some nice stuff, though, and spent a grand total of three American dollars on around 200 cards, plenty of which were actually worth owning!
 The first table I bought anything at was run by this older gentleman who had a mishmash of stuff on his table, among it some unopened packs of really uninteresting 1990s non-sports stuff and some 100 count plastic cases with cards in them. 
"How much are these?", I asked.

"A dollar."

"Are they a dollar a card or a dollar for each box?"

"They're a dollar! They're baseball cards!"

(He meant "for each box".)

I poked through the boxes a bit, and as it turned out, they weren't all baseball cards.

Holy crap, a '76-'77 Topps Islanders team card! Man, look at that sweet logo. I love old hockey cards. They're why I finally started watching the sport. Also: there were two of these in the box! If anyone has need for the other, it's up for trade.

This weird-ass thing from the '90s was in there, too. If the text on Jamal Mashburn's jersey isn't a giveaway, its made of translucent plastic. Here's the back:

Weird, right? I checked to see if Mr. hiflew had need of it, being that he's a big Mashburn guy, but he's covered, so I think this one's going to be a keeper, and will live in the "they did weird stuff in the '90s" section of my card boxes. (Yes, I have one.)

"Some walk by night...sooooooome fly by day..."

I loved Warren Moon. Guy had a friggin' howitzer for an arm. I'd never seen anyone throw so far or so high before him, and I haven't seen it since. Only guy I can think of who came close was Randall Cunningham, but my memory might be distorting that a little. Plus, Warren was a CFL guy before he came here. (Go Ti-Cats!) The CFL is awesome.

Have you lot noticed that I haven't posted a single baseball card yet?

There, that's better.

A Darryl card that, surprisingly, I didn't have. Nice tie, Darryl!

This '91 Stadium Club card of Barry Larkin is gorgeous. Great color, great shot composition, just awesome. It took me forever to actually accept what a great player Larkin really was. For some reason, rather than acknowledging that he'd done some fantastic things in his career despite being a beaten up, fragile guy, I focused on the injuries. "He's always hurt" was what I thought of Barry Larkin. Finally, one day, it finally sunk in that he did better things than most people with great health despite playing hurt, playing in pain, and in a lot of cases, not playing full seasons. He was also great during his time with the MLB Network, and I'm sorry to see him go to ESPN, though hopefully he'll improve Baseball Tonight some. He's a smart, classy, get-things-done kinda guy, and I'm totally in his corner for the next Hall of Fame vote. Of course, if he gets in, they better friggin' let Trammell and Whitaker in, but that's another conversation.

Alright, which one a' you mugs left the banana peel where Sandy could slip on it?

Diamond Kings got kinda weird after the first couple seasons, didn't they?

Really dig these SI cover cards.

I also got about half the '92 Topps McDonald's set in one of the boxes, so I guess I'm gonna try and complete that now. Here's the most valuable card ever. Can you believe someone put this SUPER HOT ROOKIE in a dollar box?

Eh, I won't pick on him too much. He had a 13 year big league career, even if he never lived up to what Scott Boras told people about him. I haven't even spent 13 days on an indie league team. Still, gotta wonder how many people lost big money on the Strasburg-esque hype surrounding this guy.

There were a bunch more cool cards in the 2 boxes I got from the guy, some of them not even overproduced cards, some doubles that are already on my trade list, and some were singles that I need to decide on. Very worthwhile $2 there.

After that table, I ran into my old mailman, who sometimes has a table at the market, and he had some cool cards in his quarter box. I picked out $3 worth, and he gave me the "neighborhood discount" of a buck total on all of 'em! Awesome guy.

George Foster's grim visage is worth a buck any day! I love this guy.

Here's another George, one that's been making the rounds on a lot of your sites, so when the card showed up, I grabbed it. That really is a terrific necklace.

It's weird to think about, but even Doyle Alexander was young once.

We'll round out this mountain of awesomeness with a visit from The Grich, IN 3-D! Shame he wasn't a career Oriole. Uniform looked great on him.


  1. That Warren Moon card is the best thing I have ever seen in my entire life. Thank you for posting it. Warren Moon rules.

  2. That Mashburn card's hilarious because it looks like he's dribbling that Clear Cut logo in the pic. And doesn't Grich look a little like Johnny Damon in 3D?

  3. The Grich card brought back a nostalgia rush. I haven't seen that card in 30-plus years.

  4. I'd actually never seen it. I got a Cesar Geronimo too. Pretty cracked, but the price was right. Eventually, when I do a piece on all my Kellogg's stuff, I'll include it.

  5. Love me some Kelloggs 3D cards... nice Grich!

  6. Nice haul.

    I recently posted about a different cards, same photo of that Kirby Puckett.


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