Thursday, March 3, 2011

So, about that poll...

(Yep, another text-only piece. Don't worry, I'll be bombing you all out with pictures of cards shortly.)

I'm getting organized to the point where I'm logging the cards I have of my player collections that are in complete sets. This has brought the huge number of duplicate '85-'91 Topps cards that I have (and to a lesser extent, '86 and '90 Donruss and '88 Fleer, sets I also own) to the forefront yet again. I actually pulled all of the cards from those sets that I own from my player collection boxes, and in total, there are about 1500 duplicate cards. What to do?

Most of you voted "Depends on the card(s)" in the poll, and I'm pretty sure that I'm on board with that. I'm not getting rid of all of it, but I definitely do want to cut it to just the cards I really like looking at and the ones of players I absolutely can't get rid of cards of, since I am covered on all the other stuff. Of course, since a lot of the stuff I'd be unloading is '87-'91, it'll still be here a while, but hey, it's the thought that counts, right?

I'm starting to think that a "best of" binder from those years might be the way to go at least for now, since I don't have any of those sets in binders, don't do binders for my player collections (I typically only do binders for sets, and keep the PC cards well-filed in boxes, so I get to visit them more often while I'm sorting things) and to be honest, while I'd love to be able to leaf through at least 85-87 Topps and '86 Donruss, I don't have the space or the money to make that happen at the moment (once again, I refer to the somewhat ridiculous fact that storage for cards costs more than the cards themselves in a lot of cases).

Have any of you put together a binder like this? If so, was it eventually The Binder Of Misfit Cards as you upgraded to full set albums?

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