Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Some more Heritage...

Heritage made it to my local today, and I grabbed 6 packs with some store credit to get me properly started after yesterday's teaser rack pack. In a moment, the results of those packs.

I hope there's a few more of these types of cards in the set, because they're fun to open Heritage posts with.

Bumgarner, looking Bumgarner-ish.

Nice card of Mr. Kershaw here, in his b-boy stance.

"Get that damn airbrush away from me, fool!"

This is a great shot of the Mets' new skipper. Here's hoping, for the sake of all the Mets fans I know who are in agony over the state of their team, that he can help right the ship.

Mr. 50 Steals a year was one of the two short prints that I got (the other being Jorge De La Rosa). Watch those card numbers, as this year, there's no difference in card stock for the high numbers.

Floating heads! Aaaaaahhhhh!!!! Timmah looks really baked in this picture.

First Baseball Flashback of the year. Spahnie!

Man, this Zambrano fella is a rascal, isn't he? I think he's getting added to my player collections soon. If you can't tell, this is a green Chrome refractor, which appear to be 1 per hobby pack (actually not that far off from the ratio of Ruth Specials I got, 4 of those in 6 packs for me), and are not numbered. I got 6 in as many packs, all in the middle of the pack, so I have to assume this is a thing.

To finish up the cards for today, here's one of Bobby Abreu with one HELL of a neck beard.  Lotsa stubble in the '11 Heritage set, folks!

My observations thus far:

Not bad on the doubles front, only 2 so far (79 Jordan Zimmermann and 334 Tampa Bay Rays Team, both up for trade) out of 63 possible cards.

I'm still thinking about how I feel about non-numbered Heritage Chrome cards. On one hand, if people can't point to a number, it'll keep aftermarket prices on them low, but on the other hand, if people can't point to a number, it'll keep aftermarket prices on them low.

The photo coloring, as it's been every year for the past few, is a mixed bag. Some cards are definitely better than others. "Classic" doesn't always mean "overly washy, yet shiny". A little less contrast would go a long way where the Heritage line is concerned.

The design, on the other hand, may work better with current players than it did back in '62, strangely enough. I wasn't too psyched about this set until I started seeing advance pics of it. It worked in those, and it does work on the cards.

I'm basically in on this set (it is Heritage, after all), though not quite as voraciously as I was on last year's. (Still need to finish high numbers and Chrome on last year's.) Trade me your doubles (I've got a have list at the top of my want list), because I don't know how much wax I'll rip. May save most of my resources for Series 2-3 of base Topps and Ginter, or I may completely contradict everything I'm saying here and go all RAAR HOMPH HOMPH BLASTERS. Either way, you'll hear about it first here.


  1. I didn't know Bobby Abreu was a pitcher.

  2. Ha, good eye! I wonder if there's a corrected version of that out there.


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