Sunday, March 27, 2011

Some new items from my local...

I was a little on the skint side this week, but like any good addict, I still managed to scrape together a couple of bucks to hit the singles piles at my local, so it's time to look at...CARDS YOU'VE ALL SEEN A MILLION TIMES, BECAUSE EVERYONE'S BUYING AND POSTING THEM AT ONCE!

"So what if everyone's seen my card! Have you seen how hard I can throw a friggin' baseball?"

Ichiro's lookin' pretty proud of himself here. Good shot, though. Weird seeing one where it's difficult to judge what team he's on. Did Topps think Seattle was gonna trade him or something? As if! (Watch the Mariners trade him to the Yanks next week.)

I know Josh hates 'em, and normally I'm no real fan of tattoos, but in his case, they really do work. They give him character, and remind the rest of us how hard he's worked to become who he is. Great shot of him here. He really looks like the player he's become.

Finally on the Heritage front, probably the most respected player in baseball, and the only Yankee who still gets respect from fans everywhere, Mo. This is also a fantastic shot. The photography and color balance on this year's Heritage is a bit uneven, but when they nail it, they really nail it.

After I got done hitting the Heritage, I spied 2 cards from the Opening Day set (a huge improvement over previous seasons, but I'm still not buying wax) that I needed.

First, I committed a wanton act of Strasburgulary.

Then, inspired by Night Owl's recent post of it, I got a card of the best player on the Mets!

(I'm just funnin'. We love ya, Ike and R.A.!)

This card is truly awesome, though, in almost a creepy sorta way.


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