Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sometimes, Google ads actually are effective.

Friday, not long before I headed out for the weekend, I was checking to see what my AdSense ads looked like (usually, I have AdBlock on). Smack dab in the middle of them was an ad for a "NJ Baseball Card Shop" which, as it turned out, was one I'd never heard of that was along the route to my weekend plans. So, despite the fact that I've been violating dayf's rule #1 a lot lately, I took a quick run in.

The store was small and quiet, but pretty well-stocked even though the owner's father told me that a lot of the store stock was with the owner at the Philly Card Show (any of y'all ever been?). There were chairs so a guy could sit at a table and go through boxes, which was a nice touch. I ended up mostly camping in the $1 Yankee box, where I grabbed a couple of cards, including one I'm not quite ready to talk about yet (ooh, foreshadowing!) and some '02 Piece Of History cards I needed, but aside from those, this was the highlight:

'59 Bobby Shantz! Condition's not too shabby, and I've wanted a card of this guy since I saw him totally take charge in Game 7 of the 1960 World Series when it was rebroadcast in December. Damn good pitcher.

I also dug around a little in the one small-but-decent box of $2-10 vintage cards they had out, and came out with this little piece of heaven:

I've wanted this card for a few years now. Yeah, it's rough around the edges, but hell, at times, so was Teddy Ballgame! It was $3 well-spent in my book! (As an aside, I seem to be stepping up my efforts on '71 Topps. God help me.)

I'll tell you guys more about the other card in a few days. Waiting on a call back about it, which will hopefully shed some light on it. I think there could be an awesome story or two attached to it.

On the way out, I hit the Free Card box they had (Yep, free cards!) which had the '07 and '08 Topps HTA freebie cards in them (grabbed the Manny and the Chipper cards I initially turned my nose up at like a fool), and the Upper Deck Rookie Of The Month of Troy Tulowitzki. Nice.

I'll have to see the store again when its inventory is at full capacity (I'll report again when I do), but it was definitely a pleasant place to visit, and I walked out after barely managing to restrain myself from spending a ton more money than I did.

So, yeah, that was my annual properly-targeted Google ad experience.

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