Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spiegel: The Trade!

So, a little ways back, during The Great Trade Bait Draft Of February 2011 (an idea I'm totally snaking very soon), a fella named Spiegel who didn't have a site yet, but does now asked me if I'd be up for putting together a trade. I tend to respond to these questions with "Yes", postage be damned! I sent Senor Spiegel a decent handful of stuff, including a bunch of Brauns he needed, and like more than a few of you have done, he sent me more than we'd agreed upon (You folks are crazy!). Here are a few of the highlights.

Here is what I promise will be the last scan of base 2010 Bowman Platinum I'll ever make you look at. It's the Strasburgular, and as you've heard every time someone's posted one of these, "it looks better in person". No, really. We can just lay here and hold each other. Anyway.

Pee Wee looks like he's making the "Arrrgh!" noise that the other Pee-wee makes. 

(I just noticed that this is the third "pee wee" I have tagged. Weird.)

I'm not usually a big fan of '03 Topps, but I'll make an exception for Mr. Buehrle here!


Here we have a very silly card of Vladimir Guerrero. Those are always welcome.

And while we're celebrating, how bout we have Hendu give Harold Baines an elbow bump to wrap this up?

Thanks a bunch to Mr. Spiegel for the cards and the trade, and folks, be sure and check out his new site, Nomo's Sushi Platter!


  1. Haha everytime someone mentions the great trade bait draft I smile a little. Glad people liked it!

  2. It was a blast, man, even as a non-participating observer. I'm working out the particulars of doing one of my own very soon (it'd help pay for The Binge, if nothing else). The biggest pains will be related to me not being one of these newfangled webcam voicechat types, and having the scanner at the downstairs computer. How'd you get past all of that when your cam connection croaked on you?

  3. Well the site we used had a chat function, so it was possible to chat using that without using the video/audio feature. First part of the draft I used the video and barely any audio (because of the Oscars haha), second part we just acted like there was no live feed and treated it like a chatroom. It's not as exciting since you can't see the cards, but it's still pretty fun as you saw.

  4. Thanks for enjoying the cards. The trade draft was a big time event in the blog world. I can't wait until the idea spreads all over the community.


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