Sunday, March 27, 2011

Things Are Funner Here: The Trade!

Let's start big here. Bucky Jacobsen big! Some of you may be thinking "Big deal! A sticker auto from some guy who played for the Long Island Ducks!", but for me, Bucky represents awesomeness. I signed him to my fantasy team when he got called up from the minors in '04, and got to experience all 9 HR and 160 Major League at-bats of Buckymania! He's still an inside joke shared by about 4 people who were in the league that year. Yet, somehow, I'd never had or even seen a card of his until this sticker-autoed beauty showed up on Julie's trade list, so I pounced, and used it as the basis for a trade where I sent Julie a bunch of Phillies, and I got a bunch of other stuff! Let's have a look!

Julie took pity on my at-the-time meager attempt to build Goodwin, and sent me a healthy stack of her doubles that included our pal Bo here...

...and my first card of Gordie Howe, not to mention the only card I've ever looked at of him where he's under 40!

As I said, there were a bunch of other Goodwins, along with some '10 and '11 inserts, some '10 Update cards I needed even after I got Crinkly Wrappers-bombed, a couple '11 Ginters and some other stuff that you've seen a bunch recently, so I'll spare the scanner some abuse. Julie was very, very generous with what she sent my way, though, so she is awesome and you should send her all your Roy Halladays, Roy Oswalts, Stephen Strasburgs, Ryan Zimmermans and Cliff Lees! (Well, some of them, anyway. I collect 3 of those dudes.) You should also read Julie's site, Things Are Funner Here, because they are, yeah.

There was one more card that got me started on this deal along with the Bucky, though, and here it is:

Yep, it's a little worse for wear, and some wisenheimer decided to "preserve" the black border a bit with a marker, but it is indeed Warren "I can throw this ball through the center of the Earth, off-balance, and it'll still keep going" Moon's NFL rookie card, and I'm psyched to have it! One of these days, I need to start working on tracking down his CFL stuff, or, really, CFL stuff in general. I need to go to another Ti-Cats game soon, too. I'm off on a tangent, though, so let's wrap this up!

Thanks again for spoiling me with the pile-o-Goodwins and the other stuff, Julie!

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