Thursday, March 10, 2011

This doesn't quite fit in The Binge, and was too early for The $5 Challenge...

...but it's way too awesome for words, so you get to see it anyway.

The Card: 1984 Fleer Darryl Strawberry Rookie Card

What'd it cost me? $.81 shipped (!!!!!!!!)

Why'd I buy it? I love Darryl Strawberry, I love '84 Fleer, and this card was, at one time, touted as being an eventual Super Card. Even though the Donruss was rarer and the Topps card was the first one everyone got or tried to get, there was this aura of greatness about the Fleer card that made it the best of the three. Great picture, great card design and while it wasn't impossibly rare, it was just out of reach enough for most of us in its (and Darryl's) heyday.

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