Friday, March 18, 2011

Trade Bait Draft Update

I got a lot done overnight, but not quite enough to finalize much. I'm not Buggin' Out, but things have been very busy here.

I've been dealing with a mountain of trades, but I now have just about have everyone either finalized or shipped. Shane and Play At The Plate, where we at? No rush on finalizing anything, and the stuff you've already picked out is safe, but I just haven't heard from you guys in a while and I want to make sure you actually get what you're interested in if there's anything else that you'd really like to lock down before the draft happens. Give me a yell when you can!

While I don't want to panic anyone or miss out on anything REALLY cool, but unless you've got something from my Top Wants in the sidebar, I'm instituting a temporary freeze on new trade negotiations I'll still be here in a week or two, and hopefully, so will you and your cards. If we're already in the middle of a trade or I've made an offer to you (I think there's one that I haven't heard back on an initial offer from), don't worry about this freeze. Our deal is still on, and the cards you've asked for or need are still aside for you.

  I've also been buried in card sorting and cataloguing from The Binge, my flea market finds and a bunch of packages from Chris, but I should be able to finish that up before next weekend. When you have over 100 active player collections, are set-building and also have a ton of what would be considered player collections by a lot of peoples' standards but aren't cards that you actively seek out (after the Trade Bait Draft, I'll be stepping up the Designated For Assignment program to weed out some of this stuff that I really, really don't need...), it's tough to process things when a lot of bulk comes in. (This should make my next trade with Bo, already in progress, a blast. The incoming stuff is at least confined to one area of my collection, but it's still going to be huge, as all trades with Bo are.) Adding to this fun is the fact that I'm out of penny sleeves, album sheets and screwdowns at the moment, and waiting on a check that's gonna be a little while! (I think that part is actually one of the nine circles of Hell.) Thankfully, I'm almost done organizing and cataloguing what's here, and I'm also getting a better idea of which collections make me the happiest to work on, so sanity may actually prevail by the summer.

In the meantime, well before summer and/or sanity prevails (since it may never do so), I definitely do want to do this Trade Bait Draft thing. It's just coming together slightly more slowly than I'd hoped. Thanks for your patience, as I do my best to make sure this thing has a good chance of running smoothly.

So, with that update out of the way, the draft will have 6 slots, 25 cards per slot, similar format to this draft, $10 pays for everything including shipping. Don't go trying to pay me yet (When I'm ready and we have a draft date, I'll give you folks the information on how to pay), but who's in?


  1. I'm most likely in, I'll wait until you've finalized everything because it will depend on the date and I'll need to check the bait list to see if I can fill some needs, but most likely I'll be good to go.


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