Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Yep. Heritage.

Took the Targets near me long enough! I think they were waiting until the rest of my '10 Series 1 set got here. Yep, finished it, but we'll get to that soon enough. We're here to talk about Heritage!

I'm holding off on buying a bunch until my local gets their boxes tomorrow, but I did pick up a rack pack today to get me started. The card above was probably the best from what felt like a lackluster pack to start off with, but that could've been the huge amount of anticipation that went along with the early leak in some areas, and all the disappointing trips to the card aisle in the last week. Anyway, here's some more cards.

It's teh Pudge! Hard to believe that I only have the past 2 years' Heritage cards of this guy, considering how many of his other cards I have.

O-Dawg (complete with airbrushed cap) always gives such great card. While I enjoyed his year with the Twins, I'm glad he's back in the NL West, because everyone needs to hear Vin Scully call him "O-Dawg".

I really wish my man Gomes hadn't walked into the clubhouse singing about Wainwright getting hurt. Bush league move from a guy I've liked for a while. Hopefully, it was a one-off thing rather than the beginning of a descent into douchery.

Scherzer's cards are always so awesome lookin' because of the two different eye colors thing. Topps' Photoshop people totally exaggerate it.


...and to finish, here's the rest of Team Mojo. Gonna be an interesting year for the Rays, I think.

Like I said, I wasn't wowed by who I got, though I got a Doc and a Pudge. I will say that I really like the card stock this year. It's got a good weight to it, maybe heavier than '10 Heritage was. It's too early to really say much more than that, but this is how the '11 Heritage campaign has started for me.

Here's my have list so far:

2011 Topps Heritage: Have 79, 105, 128, 148, 153, 209, 216, 251, 262, 292, 312, 334, 369, 387, 396

2011 Topps Heritage News Flashbacks: Have NF-5

It's early, but trades are welcome if you've got doubles already.

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