Sunday, April 3, 2011

Flea Market Finds 4/2/11 Part I: 2 cards not in The Big Box, and the build-up!

So, by now, chances are that you've seen this picture...

So, what's the story with it?

Well, I headed to my usual Saturday market and found nothin'. Zip. Zilch. A dealer friend of mine from there (the one who I keep getting '77 Kellogg's cards from) didn't even bother to set up because the place was so dead, despite surprisingly nice weather. So, I thought about it, and despite the price of gas, I decided to hit a market about 20 miles from where I was that I hadn't been to since last summer. Walked around a bit. The amount of used DVDs (Not even CDs at this point; DVDs!) around the market was absolutely staggering. Good job filling up those landfills, Hollywood! I saw a few other marginally interesting things as I continued through; some comics, a bunch of toys, a dealer or two that I know, then I came to a guy who had 2 haphazard looking boxes that once housed starter motors, with a bunch of cards in each. I poked around a little, found some very cool stuff that I played dumb on, and asked how much it was. I was told that the cards were a buck per small set, or I could have the whole lot for $10. Determined to keep to a $10 budget, and having a few more rows of tables to make it through, I rolled the dice and told the dealer I'd be back.

About a row and a half over, there was a dealer with some nice older cards, '50s and '60s stuff, and he seemed like he was ready to deal, but again, I had another row to get through, so I rolled the dice with that stuff too and soldiered on until I saw every table.

Hitting the '50s and '60s table first, I asked about prices on a few items, and decided to take these home with me. The dealer was asking $2 each, but I asked if he'd take $3 for both, and he did. Item #1:

'67 Topps Denny McLain! I'd put it at VG-ish condition (the corners aren't fantastic, and there's a very minor crease on the "I" in "TIGERS"), but it's still a sharp looking card, the earliest card of Denny's that I have, and another '67 off the list of cards I'll have to get when I get truly serious about building the '67 set.

Now, for item #2...

Miscut or not (and I didn't even really pick up on the miscut until I scanned it, honestly), this Vada Pinson is one of the best damned '59s I've ever seen. Great color, sharp corners, shiny surface, the back's clean, it's awesome. I checked it size-wise, and if it's been trimmed, somehow it's been trimmed to measure up with standard 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" cards. Very happy with it.

So, I had $7 left of my self-imposed budget, and those other boxes to try and pick up. Would the dealer take it? Well, you saw the 3200 count box I put stuff in, so you know he did, but it took some deliberation on his part, during which he decided I could have everything but the '86 Fleer Classic Miniatures Set, the 100 count plastic box of '93 Upper Deck World Cup cards, and the 2 '86 Donruss Action All-Stars sets (the big cards, if you're blanking on the name) he was using to show off his wares for $7. Done!

The boxes were actually heavy enough for me to feel it a little when I was carrying them back to the car. I knew some of what was in them, from my poking around, but what did my total haul look like? Stay tuned for Part II, coming up in a few minutes, probably!

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