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Flea Market Finds 4/2/11 Part III: Some More Sets (and almost-sets)

So, after the thrill of putting away a long-sought-after set, I drove home, and took stock of things when I got there. First off, I needed a new box for this stuff (the boxes they were in were definitely on the ratty side), so I hit a card store near me for a 3200 count box. Second, I needed to sit down and really look through what was there. Lots of small sets and what looked like team sets, but were they complete? What kind of shape was the stuff in? Read on...

You can see the '87 Traded box in my shot of the big box in Part I pretty clearly, so we'll start here. This box was shot. You can see the corner wear, and there's a pretty obvious rip in it, as well, so I'll be busting this one up instead of keeping it "factory". (I've got a set of my own, and a bunch of singles from it already, so I'm covered.) I still had to check to see if everything was in it. I had an '86 Fleer Update without a Bonds (cheap, though!) not too long ago, so it was definitely worth checking on.

Coney? Yep. Great rookie card, too.

Matt Williams? Mmm-hmmm. Slight ding in the bottom left corner, alas, but this is a card I wish I'd spent more time appreciating over the years. It kinda got lost in the flood of other cards from that time period. Might be his best. Not a huge Matt Williams fan, but I've been trading with a lot of his fans lately, and getting in a lot of his cards in lots like these, so I've seen him plenty of late.

And the big guy's in there, too, as were the other 129 cards. Even as a guy who loves a good mustache on a ballplayer, I always marvel at how unflattering that mustache was on Maddog. Made him look 10 years out of date, and not in the good way. Thankfully, he ditched it.

I don't know how this got past me, but I'd either forgotten or never known in the first place that Fleer put out minis in '87. I have the '86 set already, so I was OK with not getting a second one, but I was pretty psyched about this. Was it complete, though? Nope!

"Don't look at me! Ozzie took the Mattingly card!"

Yep, Donnie Baseball had been pilfered from the box, but the other cards were all there and in good shape. If you've never seen Fleer minis, in at least '86 and '87 (as you see here) they were done in the design of the main set, but with alternate pictures on them. Cooler than they get credit for, and one of the "lost" sets of the '80s. Or, in this case, near-sets. I'll probably be able to track down the Mattingly in a trade or on Sportlots/COMC/eBay/somewhere else, though.

Here's a '88 Topps UK American Baseball factory set! Never seen one of these in factory form before. Was it complete, though?

 Nope, and the Krukker looks pretty PO'ed about it! "Again with the Mattingly! Why couldn't they have taken the Jack Clark card instead? That card is airbrushed as hell, man!"

However, I may have a Mattingly from this set in with my stuff somewhere. Gotta check tomorrow, when I'm around the rest of my cards.

'87 Donruss Highlights, also known as "that set I seem to get one of in any lot like this". I've got at least 1 at home, possibly a second in a pile for someone who I'm sending a bunch of stuff to. The factory shrinkwrap was missing from this. Would #23 be missing yet again?

Ha, he's here, and he's hitting HR left and right! (Actually, he just batted lefty, but...well, you know...) All the Mattingly cards were in this set, and it is indeed complete.

Mattingly wasn't the only one with a streak in '87. This was an exciting time.

My man the Catfish made the Hall in '87! Weird photo processing they used on all 3 of the HOF cards in this set, though.

And here comes trouble. I could be wrong here, but this may have been the first combo card appearance of the Bash Brothers. Can anyone confirm/deny?

I actually really like the Highlights sets now, though they took so much heat back then from all of us cretins because they weren't really rookie-centric. They were, however, a great event-by-event recap of the season, in a way that Topps still hasn't nailed just yet and other companies have probably fallen short on as well.

So, finally, another complete set. Were there more? Of course there were! Stay tuned for Part IV!

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  1. Wow, you did great to get all that for $7. It seems like these small factory sets are common at these little flea markets. I've gotten a 1987 traded, and the 3rd series of 89 and 90 UD at them, and have seen a lot of similar.


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