Monday, April 4, 2011

Flea Market Finds 4/2/11 Part V: The Boxes That Would Not End

So, here we are, 5 posts into one flea market buy, with no end in sight! Who or what will show up next?

"Cool Papa" Bell, that's who! These Cooperstown Collection cards were a premium from Kahn's/Hillshire Farms, and there were 11 cards in the set. I don't have the box open in front of me, but I may be missing 2 cards from the set (I don't remember the Stargell card being in there, and I can't place whether Yaz is, either). Still, nice oddball cards to find. I love oddball stuff like this, and you just can't argue with a "Cool Papa" Bell card.

Murph agrees! Normally, I'd shriek in horror at the sight of '88 Donruss borders (the base cards are probably the most overproduced, least useful baseball cards in history), but I'm pretty sure the MVP cards were not included as part of the factory sets. I got a good handful of 26 card '88 MVP sets in this deal. Hard(er) to find cards (those of us who ripped '88 wax at the time and weren't dealers can remember just how much of a pain in the ass it was to get these) of players that just about all of us collect at least one of? I'll take that.

They got tackier in '89 (and much tackier after that), but you've still got a great assortment of players in the set, and I also got a bunch of '89 sets or near-sets (I haven't cracked open all of these, but one of the packs I did open had 2 Alvin Davis cards in it, possibly to replace something else that was missing) of the '89 MVP cards.

I also got another complete '86 Topps mini set (up for trade)...

...and an '87 mini set, which I didn't have yet. This is a great shot of Lee Smith.

Then, there was a '92 Topps All-Star set (I actually need some of these for the set I'll probably give up on building the first time I find a cheap '92 set)...

...and this hideously '80s 1988 Fleer All-Star set, which, interestingly enough, included what I think is the best card of Tom Henke that I've ever seen.

Damn, Nolan. We just finished a CAPTION THIS CARD! contest! Don't go showin' up on another caption-worthy card! This was part of what may be a complete set of the '90 Fleer combo cards.

And now, another awesome find. This is an '87 Donruss Pop-Up card of our pal Doc. Like a lot of similar cards, you could fold these and make stand-up, 3D cards of the guys in the set. I got a complete set of these. Very cool stuff, especially with the Astrodome backdrop (the premise was that these were from the '86 All-Star Game, held at the Astrodome) and the pop-up manager cards! You could make little statues of Dick Howser and Whitey Herzog and make them take out the pitchers! It's a shame there wasn't an umpire card.

And now, the team sets! There were a ton, so I scanned some examples and I'll give you the breakdown: I got one of the '89 Topps Reds team, 2 of the '89 Topps Brewers, 21 unique teams from the '87 Topps set (Yanks, Mets, Giants, Tigers and Astros were missing), along with 2 extra Red Sox sets and an extra Blue Jays set (I can't decide whether I'm totally cannibalizing these or building a set out of them; w00, more '87 Topps...), a few each of the '91 Upper Deck Yankees (sadly, sans Bernie, because he wasn't on the main checklist) and Mets teams, and a bunch of the '89 Donruss A's team. Whew!

Oh, and there was a '90 Fleer Yankees set that snuck out, too.

And 2 Team USA sets, along with a Team Mexico set from the '93 Upper Deck World Cup set.

That's it for the sets and near-sets, and we're in the home stretch here, but there was also a stack of loose cards in one of the boxes. about 20 of them were these '96 Fleer Ultra cards, including this great one of Scott Brosius. I loved this guy. Fun to watch, gave his all, gritty ballplayer. Retired young when he found out he wouldn't be a Yankee anymore. I'd take one Scott Brosius over 100 A-Rods any day.

Awww, Darryl, don't sulk! Yeah, the posts for this buy are over after your awesome '95 Score Gold Rush card (the other 80 loose cards in the box were from this set), but think of all the fun we had, and all the cool stuff we got! Seriously, I love Darryl as the regular readers probably know already, but I laughed for about a minute straight when I found this card in the box. It's like the anti-card photo.

Thanks for bearing with me as I sifted through this beautiful mess of cards. Hope you enjoyed! There should be a ton of new stuff on the trade list later in the week! Now, to deal with some trade posts and the other box I got at the flea market on Sunday! (Don't worry. It's a much smaller box.)

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  1. I'm a huge fan of oddball sports cards. The 1987 Donruss Pop-Up set is really cool. I'll have to track one of these down.

    The 1988 Fleer All-Star set was probably the first insert set I ever completed. I remember trading people my extra Sam Horn, Mark Grace, and Ellis Burks rookies to get the ones I needed. The design isn't anything special... but the memories behind this set are.


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