Friday, April 8, 2011

Remember when I said I picked up another flea market box last weekend?

Yep, because I didn't buy enough at the market on Saturday, I did indeed grab another box on Sunday! Much smaller (about 200 cards), and I overpaid a little for it ($5, compared to $7 for the boxes of doom), but it was fun stuff and it kept me off the streets.

This little number from the neighboring dollar box (the other box was my friend's dime box) being a throw-in helped sweeten the deal, certainly. I've got a run of Murray Topps cards from '78-'91 now.

There were a bunch of '91 Scores in the dime box, but I needed a good handful of them still, including this Boggs Dream Team card. 3 more to go on this particular subset!

This one's an interesting little bit of early '90s cheese. I think they made posters of this Mattingly card. It looks mighty familiar, but I don't think it's because I saw the card too often.


Let's see what I would've won! Damn, I need Biggio, Kruk, and Maddux for my player collections. Nice job spelling "Glavine" and "Gregg", Topps!

And finally, this oddball deal. I wasn't around for this, but were these cards a big deal insert back then? The coin is insanely heavy, to the point where it looks like it bent the hell out of the card! (You can't see it in the scan, but there's a monster crease about dead center of the coin.) It could be that someone thought the coin was legal tender and tried to pop it out, but regardless, this was less than stellar card design. Way heavy on one end, feather light on the other!


  1. I'm loving the 1990s stuff here. I have sets of both the '97 and '98 Pinnacle Mint coins, and the problem is they didn't make the holes in the cards quite the right diameter (maybe it depends on temperature, you know with the expanding metals and such). The coins came one per pack, and the sets aren't terribly large. Donruss/Leaf/Pinnacle did all kinds of crazy stuff like this, with the cards in cans, and Metal Works cards that are heavy solid metal (trying to put that set together is like trying to pull a cut signature from retail packs).

  2. The reason the card is bent around the coin is that they were never meant to actually be put in the card. You were supposed to place the card in the metal tin above the little holder for the coin and it would show through.


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