Monday, April 11, 2011

Saturday's Flea Market Haul

Despite having a card show to go to on Sunday, I threw another $5 at my friend for his dime box. Here's how that went:

Don't get too excited, Raiders fans! This one's in pretty busted shape. Weird bends to it.

This one's OK, though, Giants fans, and will be available for trade!

This one, on the other hand, I'll be keeping. I don't have many cards of people with "Spider" in their name.

Hey, another mail-in glossy card I needed!

Here's a Boggs card that I needed, surprisingly enough. I've gotten a ton of '90 Fleer lately, so it's a bit of a shock that I didn't have this.

Weird little Gonzo minor league card!

Hey, remember Javy Lopez? Nah, me neither. ;)

These Museum Collection cards are downright AWESOME. They were shiny diamond before shiny diamond were shiny diamond. I'll take 'em, potential traders (once I officially lift the trade embargo)!

All this, and there was even a RoboCop 2 sticker in the box for my girlfriend! This statue BETTER happen.

The rest of the box was similar to the last one, with a handful of late '80s/early '90s cards, some basketball cards, some older stuff and some weird stuff. This wasn't the end of my flea market day, though. While I was at my friend's table, a friend of his came up and started talking to him. My friend had a pile of Archie comics on his table, and made a reference to "knowing the artist", which his friend kinda shrugged off as "oh, that was a million years ago". Having heard the friend's first name and being a comic nerd, I was like "Wait, Howard Bender?", and indeed, it was. I'm not a big Archie guy so I didn't know his work on the title (nothing against Archie, just not familiar beyond that issue where he teamed up with the Punisher), but I do remember Howard's work for DC (he worked on Superman, Dial "H" For Hero and All-Star Squadron, to name a few). Howard was nice enough to sign one of the Archies for me, and even drew a quick sketch of Archie in the margin! Thanks again, Howard!

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