Saturday, April 16, 2011

Steve: The (second) Trade!

So, quite amazingly, after I posted this and this, my main man Steve (who is not yet one of the millions of us writing about cards) got ahold of me, and not only did he have an '87 I needed, but he also needed some '87s! Along with the Dave Parker All-Star I got for the set I'm building for a friend, some other stuff made its way into the deal.

One of the best cards of Donnie ever made, even if he looks REALLY high here.

Yet another great example of the Zen of Pedro Guerrero. He looks like he's struttin' down the block with his pimp cane here, no joke. There really aren't many guys who've had more consistently great baseball cards than Pedro Guerrero. You've got your Oscar Gambles and such, but not all of Oscar's cards really capture his Oscarness, and every damn one of Pedro's capture his Pedroness. In football, Ronnie Brown comes to mind as an example of this phenomenon...

Quick detour out of the trade post, because I got this card over a month ago and I'm pretty sure I've forgotten to post it until now. Seriously, every Ronnie Brown card I've ever seen is awesome, and this is coming from someone who, historically, has hated the Dolphins. This guy's great, probably my favorite football player to collect. OK, back to the trade...

For the home stretch, we have the new manager of the Yuma Scorpions (or is it his brother, the hitting coach?). As your 10 year old insert set cards go, this one looks pretty sharp.

Thanks again, Steve, for an easy to put together, cool trade!

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  1. Thanks to you to Scott! Looking forward to more in the future!

    I love that Mattingly card too. The #23 pinstripe jersey and the glove in the background are great touches. Happy to hook you up with a double.


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