Sunday, May 29, 2011

2011 Upper Deck f00'ball!

What say thar, Paul Hornung in the funny leather helmet? Is it finally time for me to post again? Took me a week to get to this one after scanning, apologies for that, but as you've all heard a million times, I've been way sick since April. Thankfully, though I've now violated the MLB drug policy, I'm FINALLY getting better, knock wood, so I can bring you cards like the above gem. Ain't that the damnedest picture?

When I first heard that Upper Deck were doing football without a pro license and going with college shots of old players, I was a little (OK, a lot) skeptical, but I saw a box break on the Beckett site, and the checklist, combined with some of the shots I saw on the cards, intrigued me enough to wanna track down some singles. Lo and behold, someone at my local broke a box, kept the hits and the singles they wanted, and unloaded the rest to the store (they also did this with Heritage, Gypsy Queen and Bowman; I like this mystery person, whoever they may be), so I got to essentially go dumpster diving through someone else's box break. What else did I find? Well...


The Bo cards at what made me want to chase the stuff down in the first place. Any new Bo card is a friend of mine. I got like 3 or 4, but I'll just show you a base card, and a throwback variant (even though they're pretty similar shots):

You get a little more of that Bo Jackson "Out of the way, mortals! I'm doin' my job!" glare in this one.

I also got this sweet card of Hightower from Police Academy! (Having never seen Bubba play, this is mostly how I remember him.) He was a baby here. As you can see, to give a line or two to the actual design of the cards, they're, well, post-licensing era UD. These look like '10 baseball and hockey do, more or less. The inset photos weren't entirely necessary (they used logos on the fronts of the throwbacks and other inserts; did they only get a limited-use license or something?), and are a little '96 Topps-ish, but the main photo quality makes these worthwhile pickups, I think.

Quit loafin' over there, Rice, and go do some drills!

Some sweet mid-air Barry Sanders action. Picked up a bunch of his and John Elway's cards from this set, like 4 each, but this was the best of Barry and Elway's cards, well, they're John Elway cards. You've seen 'em, I've seen 'em, I still buy and like them, but he usually looks about the same on them. So, we'll skip poor John Elway, and finish off with a beautiful card, even if I'm positive I've seen the pic elsewhere...

Look at that awesome Flutie. Love this guy, always did. Didn't matter where he played, what country he played in, or even if he wasn't playing (I saw him one-hand a foul ball at a Sox game I watched on TV once, and even that was cool), he's always just seemed like a nice, cool guy and a great athlete.

Good to be makin' my way back, folks. So, did any of you pick up these cards?

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