Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Best!

I love the Bowman's Best inserts in '11 Bowman. I'll probably have to sell a kidney to get the Harper, but in the meantime, the rest of 'em look great. I wish scanners didn't have the limitations they do, so you could see how great the shine is on Hambone's shades.

King Felix actually looks his age here. In a lot of shots, I think he tries to look mean to make himself look older, but here, he looks like a kid.

It's still a little weird seeing Carl Crawford in a Sox uniform, no matter how they got him into it, but I'm glad he's showing up in products regularly in that uniform, so we can start to get used to it.

I might try and build this set. Strangely, Bowman's really good at '90s nostalgia, where the rest of popular culture kinda falls short (I loved the '92 throwbacks in last year's set, too). Are any of you as enamored with it as I am?

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