Monday, May 9, 2011

CARDSHOWPOCALYPSE Report Part I: Ocean County Mall Show

As mentioned here, there were 3, count 'em, 3 card shows in Toms River, NJ this weekend. While this was incredibly poor planning on someones' part, especially because they didn't seize a great opportunity and cross-promote very much, it still presented a lot of fun for those in the area who like spending time at these sorts of things. I hit all 3, managed to finish with both of my kidneys intact and unsold, and here's my report!

Card Show #1 was the Ocean County Mall show, which I hit on Saturday to space things out a little, and to give the girlfriend a chance to see if there was anything worth snagging at the Waldenbooks there. This was a typical weekend-long, small indoor mall card show, with about a dozen tables, no autograph guests (none were around for any of the shows, as they're all relatively small shows), but with some decent stuff to be had. The first table I hit had an OK dime box with '90s-present stuff in it. Were I not budgeting my money more, I would've probably put a good-sized dent in my Fleer EX collection, but I had 2 other shows to go to, so I got a buck's worth of El Duques, Boggs cards, a '98 Gold Label Albert Belle and this gem...

Viva Bucky!

After that, I found a vintage dealer who had great stuff. Well-organized, clean looking, top notch. Note to self: start getting business cards from these folks. He helped me cross two big, but affordable wants off my list...

Finally, my collection can pound the ol' Budweiser! Not the world's best centering, but this card's got really sharp corners and is in great shape otherwise, and besides, who gives a crap about condition? It's Joe Schultz! Only 5 base Topps Pilots to go!

I also scored a Dave Kingman rookie, finally. Been really trying to snag this one locally (rather than just going for the eBay grab) for a few months now. This serves the dual purpose of crossing another number off my '72 checklist. On the Kingman front, I'm only missing '76 for my complete base Topps Kong collection! Anyone got a spare?

Part II, and a double-bill of Sunday card shows still to come!

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