Tuesday, May 10, 2011

CARDSHOWPOCALYPSE Report Part III: Finally, Some Cards!

OK, here's the stuff you were all waiting for whilst slogging through parts I and II. Yes, that's right. It's time for a huge post containing mostly cards with minimal descriptions! To put the weekend in perspective before we start, in terms of numbers, I got 123 cards for $27 (I wanted to rein it in more, but...cards!), including my $2 worth of admission fees, and those cards included at least one card from each of the past 7 decades (50's-'10s). Without any further ado, and going by decade, let's look at some cards!


1956 Billy Loes! $3 for a '56 Topps Bum! Nice front on this one, minor paper loss on the back, as you can see here...

Are you bothered by that? I'm sure not. If I really want to read the comic, I can find a scan of it online.


'63 Topps Bo Belinsky! w00000! Been after this one for a while, and a nice pickoff from my Top 20! Only base Topps Angels card of Bo I need now is '62, which is his rookie card, a high number, and it's also the rookie card of some guy who wrote a book, so unless I get really lucky, that one's probably gonna be a while.

'67 Topps George Altman! Great card, even if it is a double (and is available for trade), and it was in the dime box.

1970s (where I did a lot of my better work):

'71 Topps Tim Foli! This one was also in the dime box (or the "100 for $7" box; yep, I gutted out 100 cards from it), and I needed it for my still in the larva stage 1971 set.

'72 Topps Billy Williams In Action! Again, straight from the dime box! I got 4 or 5 '72s that I needed there, nothing high-number, but every little bit counts.

Beaten-up but still needed '74 Frank Robinson! Again, dime box! I'll probably end up replacing this one in my '74 set/my Frank Robinson collection eventually, but for 7 cents, you don't leave this one sitting there.

Look at my Dick! Er. Look at my 1974 Dick Allen! Those are some mean glasses. Also from the dime box. I got a few other '74s from the dime box, but these two were the highlights.

'75 Gorman Thomas! This was my first purchase on Sunday. Off-center, totally overpaid for it (a buck), don't care. I did well enough over the course of the two shows for this to average itself out, plus it helped the local economy at the East Dover show.

'76 Oscar, with the sweet half-afro ear flap action! Take that, Coco! Dime box, again.

"Dude, why is he posting a checklist card?" Because I got a clean, complete set of '76 checklists in the dime box! I'll be really glad I did this in about 20 years.

Holy crap, lookit all da Bums! This is from the '76 SSPC set (which I own), was in the dime box, and yes, it's available for trade!

The Bird is clearly The Word! What's John Denny smirking about here, though? Dime box.

Pourin' a 40 on the ground for the Mitchell Page that ain't around. Dime box.

Got a couple clean '78 checklists, too!


How did I not have a copy of '80 Topps Garvey? Dime box cured that.

Supahstah! According to this post, by way of the SCD catalog, these 1980 Superstar cards were manufactured by Card Collector's Closet in Springfield, MA. I've seen them a bunch on eBay lately, but never in person and they were also in the dime box, so I had to grab The Babe...

...as well as the Say Hey Kid!

Willie Wilson, on Coke! (Cards.) I got a Jim Rice one of these, too. Yep, dime box, like all but 11 of the cards I got at the Sunday shows.

Satchel wasn't a dime, but who cares? It's Satchel friggin' Paige! I'm working hard at finishing my Cramer (later Pacific) Baseball Legends sets, too, so this and the Joe McCarthy I scored were welcome finds. I need 10 more base cards and the 4 card box bottom panel (either in panel form or as trimmed cards) from Series 4 to finish up, and if you're working on your own set, I've got plenty of doubles to help you finish yours! Get in touch, and look for a Set Showcase on this set soon!

In addition to the priceless expression on Willie McGee's face, this card is also notable as a rookie card that should've been the 4th of the "Big Three" rookies from '83 (Gwynn, Boggs and Sandberg). At one point in time, McGee's cards were a pretty big deal too, but they faded as he turned out to "just" be a very good big league player and not a Hall of Famer. Willie was kinda like the Rowland Office of the '80s and early '90s, which is what I think a lot of folks remember him for, but he was a damn good ballplayer in his day, too.

MOAR KONG! I got an '83 Fleer of his, too, but the pics were near identical, so I decided to feature this one instead. Got a few '84 Donruss I needed from the dime box, and while I need to do a little more research so I can play "spot the counterfeit" effectively (suggestions on where to look are welcome), I've got a line on the big fish from this set at a reasonable price, too. Stay tuned.

You just can't argue with a Mookie Wilson Drake's Cakes card. I got a bunch of oddball '80s food issue stuff out of the dime box, which made me happy as I love that stuff, but Mookie (in quotes, no less) is my favorite of the bunch.

It was a pretty big shocker to find this in a dime box, but there it was. It's a double, and available for trade. (Wow.)

Can't have Doc without Darryl nearby, can you? I also love '80s Glossy All-Stars, and I got this one and an '84 Yount. On the Darryl front, an '85 Fleer and an '87 Burger King card were also snagged!

"Don't look at me. I didn't do it." Yes, you totally did, Reggie. Great shot, though, eh?

w000000000, Tino minor league card! Yep, dime box! This is awesome.


Speaking of minor league cards, this gentleman's career didn't work out as well, as Tino's, nor did the career of Hal Morris, who I found from the same set. Hal put together more decent playing time than Maas did, but neither quite lived up to their advance billing. Cool cards though, both.

OH SNAPS YOU JUST GOT BIPPED!!!!111 This one served a triple purpose: 1. good for Bipping the readership 2. I collect Bip's cards and 3. I LOVE '93 Flair. Probably going to find a cheap set well before I manage to build it, but I'm still trying in the meantime. Flair kinda lost the plot after the first year in my view, but this first year was absolutely gorgeous.

"Yo, Bernie!" I really need more '97 Topps cards.

This thing is just awesomely ridiculous.

Paulie! I got a nice little stash of '99 Gold Label Yankees at the first show. Another set I love. I'm working on the other Gold Label sets too, but '99 is the best, I think.

Fleer Brilliants are growing on me, too, even if it's clear abuse of the Radial Blur filter in Photoshop. I got a lot of El Duques this past weekend, and it was good.


For some reason, I didn't scan any of the '00s cards I got on Sunday, though there were a few 2000 Fleer Tradition cards (Thome, Baines and Chuck Finley) acquired. So, in lieu of those, I present to you, once again...



Ha, I even got a Gypsy Queen card! One. Behold, The Strasburgular!

So, yeah, that was about a quarter of what I brought home. I'll probably hear crap for not fighting with tagging all the players in this post, but there are a bunch of names, and only 200 characters, so screw it. Hope you enjoyed!


  1. I'll be glad to pick up that SSPC Bums card.

  2. Picked it up with you in mind. We'll figure something out. I was inquiring about some of your Ginter minis a little ways back, but I'm strongly considering a re-evaluation of my "collecting minis" policy and I don't know what you have left from that post, so that's slightly up in the air. I'll email you, and we'll talk. =)

  3. Darn. The Night Owl is masquerading as the early Night Owl and beat me to that Erskine. Maybe next time.

    Word Verification: Send me all your Hershisers.


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