Thursday, May 5, 2011

A few more recent adds...

...all related to the Player Of The Month thing, which I'm late doing again this month. (Spoiler alert: May's player is Wade Boggs. I'll write something this weekend.) Anyway, back to the other fun.

It's been posted elsewhere, of course, but this is another fantastic Jackie Robinson card. I feel proud just owning it.

Going back to March's Player Of The Month, here's a solid action shot of Roger Maris. I don't have enough of those. Another cool Maris card should be getting posted here soon. (Excited yet?)

And finally for today, my first contribution to the Gypsy Queenpocalypse. I was psyched to see that Bernie made the set, and is starting to get the "legend" treatment he so richly deserves. To say a little more about the set that everyone's getting bombarded with this week, I've still found NOTHING in the way of retail, but my local had a ton of singles (I got a few dozen, like the set, probably won't build it though, as it's another big set in a year of 'em), packs and it seemed like they were pretty well set on hobby boxes, too. Go figure! Do I live in Gypsy Queen Bizarro World?

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