Monday, May 30, 2011

I needed a pick-me-up today.

How's this poor, old, beautiful bastard for that?

This card may even be more "loved" than my Munson rookie, and that's saying something.

$8.13 shipped on eBay!



  1. That is an awesome card... definitely a classic. Four Dodger legends... and the price is insane. Congratulations on the great find.

  2. Thanks, Fuji. There is definitely an advantage to being willing to look at stuff without sharp corners or, in cases like this one, any corners. It enables me to own cards I'd never be able to dream of owning right now otherwise, and if I ever have the dough or the good fortune to "upgrade", so to speak, I have the option of making someone else as happy with this card or my Munson rookie as those cards make me, because you have to really love cards to love stuff like this.

  3. This card was sent to me as a gift from a fellow blogger. It is one of my favorite cards of all-time, both because of the subject matter and how I received it.

  4. Yours was probably the first copy of the card that I ever really *looked* at, Owl, and I've wanted one since. Glad to be joining the club.

  5. This card is amazing. So much baseball talent on the front there.


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