Saturday, May 7, 2011

Player Of The Month For May, 2011: Wade Boggs

We're gonna keep this month's Player Of The Month really simple, and not just because I'm a week late again. Here's the deal: I like Wade Boggs. Wade Boggs is awesome. This card is my favorite Wade Boggs card, more than any of his rookie cards. Why? Because it's awesome, just like he is.

Here he is on a phone card, from his Yankee days. Dude stole a horse in Yankee Stadium! AWESOME.

Post pretended his hat didn't have a logo on it, and he was still awesome.

Boggs was a Devil Ray! Awesome.

More Devil Ray Awesome!

Hittin' a ball! As a Devil Ray! Fleer Ultra! Awesome.

Not even this complete nuclear accident of graphic design and this awkward shot of Boggs in his dirty uniform can diminish his awesomeness.

There's also this somewhat legendary story about Boggs that has been passed down through the ages, but your opinion of it may hinge on how you feel about folks who imbibe. I don't drink anymore, but I recognize an athletic achievement when I see one.

Anyway, Viva Boggs! For the month of May, and beyond!

Just the same, as I do every month, I'm extending the following offer: for all of May, if you think of trading with me, think first and foremost about trading your spare Wade Boggs cards to me. (Especially autographs and relics, as I have none of the man!) While trading can be an inexact science so your mileage may vary just as mine may, I will consider all Wade Boggs cards (old, new, whatever) to be worth double of what I would any other stuff I'd get in trades this month. I'll be making this offer for each Player Of The Month. My Wade Boggs haves are listed below.

Wade Boggs (119): 83-92, 94, 96, 99-00 Topps, 87-90, 92, 94 Topps All-Star, 90 Topps Ames All-Stars, 84 Topps Batting Leaders, 84, 88 Topps Red Sox Leaders, 86 Topps Box Bottom, 87-88 Topps Glossy All-Star, 96, 05 Topps Finest, 99 Topps Gold Label Class 1, 90 Topps K-Mart Superstars, 86 Topps Mail-In Glossy All-Star, 86-87 Topps Mini Leaders, 94 Topps Measures Of Greatness, 89 Topps Record Breaker, 96 Topps Star Power, 93-94 Topps Stadium Club, 98 Stadium Club Expansion, 86 Topps Stickers, 02 Topps Traded Who Would Have Thought, 83-85, 88-91 Fleer, 95 Fleer All-Star, 88 Fleer All-Star Team, 86 Fleer Baseball’s Best, 90 Fleer Boston Igniters, 87 Fleer On Base Boggs/Hernandez, 89 Fleer Hot Corner’s-Hot Hitters Boggs/Lansford, 94 Fleer Flair, 96 Fleer Circa, 86 Fleer Star Stickers Box Bottom, 88 Fleer Superstars, 91, 99-00 Fleer Ultra, 83, 86-93, 97, 99 Donruss, 88 Donruss MVP, 90-92 Donruss All-Star, 87 Donruss Pop-Up All-Stars, 88, 96 Leaf, 97 Leaf Gamers, 96 Leaf Limited, 94 Pacific (bilingual), 99 Pacific Private Stock, 86 Dorman’s Cheese (Boggs/Sutcliffe), 96 Classic Phone Card, 90 Post, 95-96 Pinnacle, 96 Pinnacle .300 Hitters, 98 Pinnacle Inside, 96 Pinnacle Summit, 86 Sportflics, 88-91, 94, 98 Score, 91 Score All-Star, 90 Score Sportsmasters, 90-91 Score Dream Team, 89-90 Score Highlight, 97 Score Yankee Team Collection, 98 Skybox Thunder, 99 SPx, 92, 96-97, 99 Upper Deck, 99 Upper Deck Black Diamond, 94 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice, 92 Upper Deck Diamond Skills, 93 Upper Deck Fun Pak, 08 Upper Deck Masterpieces, 02 Upper Deck Piece Of History, 92 Upper Deck Ted Williams’ Best Hitters In The Game, 02 Upper Deck World Series Heroes

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  1. Hah, I love that Wade Boggs story, cracks me up every time


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