Friday, May 6, 2011

The Round-Up For 05/06/11: CARDSHOWPOCALYPSE!

Three, count 'em, three card shows on Sunday in Toms River, NJ!

First up is the East Dover Fire Department show on Sunday from 9 AM-2 PM, a new show started by good ol' Dr. Wax. I profiled this show last month, and I had a great time at it. I'm hoping that Johnny G is gonna be there with those meatball sandwiches again, because it killed me not to get one last time.

Second is the incumbent Toms River Elks show, which I've never been to. That one runs from 9 AM-3 PM, and has been running in the area for about 20 years, according to the web site and flyers. I've never been, as I spent most of the last 20 years not going to card shows, fool that I am. Definitely curious about this one, and I've been meaning to hit it for a while, but I think this is the weekend.

Finally, though I wasn't able to find any info on it online (though it's listed in Beckett this month), the Ocean County Mall has a show scheduled all weekend long during mall hours! Call before you go to be sure, the number's on the mall's web site.

Now, if you budget properly (ha), in theory, you can hit all three of these shows, as I'm gonna try to. I might see if the missus wants to hit the mall on Saturday, then do a quick run of the two Sunday shows in rapid succession. I should be able to spend about a dollar on cards at each show, because of a flea market binge (news coming soon) and a Gypsy Queen binge (I posted the Bernie Williams card; you guys have posted the rest of the set, so I'll spare you), but it should still be fun.

If you see a guy in a Helloween t-shirt at any of the Sunday shows, say hi!


  1. These people are not very bright - I don't think there are not enough card dealers left in the area to fill three shows (plus a fourth up in Rahway) on the same weekend. Add it the fact that Sunday is Mother's Day ... I don't think it will go well.

    Have fun & good luck finding something cool.

  2. It's gonna be very interesting to see how everything shakes out. I saw the schedule and I was kinda shocked that there was so much head-to-head, honestly, but stuff happens. Hopefully everyone does OK. I'm trying to get the word out, not because I'm affiliated with any of the shows (I'm not), but because I'd like to see dealers and show organizers do as well as they can, and because I think there could be some great deals to be had for us!

    You make any Somerset Patriots plans yet this year, Paul? Been loving all the autos I've read about you snagging at the park. I got Tim Raines and Edgardo Alfonzo last year, but Newark switched leagues this season, so I'll have to visit a different park to see the Bears. Poor me.

  3. I'd personally love to see that East Dover Fire Department show move to another weekend - it's doing too well drawing dealers who used to come up for the Rahway one that I go to.

    I'm not sure if I'll make it to any Atlantic League games this year. There are a few guys I'd like to see, but with Newark moving to the Can-Am League it makes it tougher to go.

    Aside from a few coaching staffs, there really aren't that many famous names associated with the Can-Am League.

  4. Names aside, I still like to watch a ballgame, so I'll probably hit at least one Patriots game on a weeknight. I'll be at my 2nd BlueClaws game next Friday, when Bryce Harper (assuming he doesn't get promoted by then) will be in town for the first time, and I'll be there for the Jack Morris signing on July 7th, too. First Energy Park's right around the corner from where I spend my weekends these days, so they're my home team.


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