Monday, May 9, 2011

The Round-Up for 05/09/11: Man, am I tired of scanning stuff!

I've scanned around 100 cards since Friday. Ow. I should have lots of stuff coming down the pipe this week, including:

1. My reviews of 3, count 'em 3 card shows in the same town on the same weekend, along with a whole mess of new additions from those shows. I found the dime box, so there's that.

2. I've still got a bunch of last weekend's flea market singles to attend to, which, interestingly, were mostly f00'ball.

3. Neither set is complete for me (though they're both very close and one is damn close, we're talking 1 card that the dealer I got it from is hooking me up with next weekend), but I'll be doing set spotlights on Cramer Baseball Legends Series 1-4 and '88 Score soon.

4. My trade list needs a bunch of updating (again), but I'll hopefully get to that shortly.

5. Does anyone still have interest in me doing a trade bait draft? People were excited about the idea for about a minute and a half, and then I heard from two people who made anything resembling a verbal commitment. I can't totally blame folks, as my trade list is not a "MOJO! MOJO! MOJO!" trade list (since I don't rip much wax), but there is a lot of good, interesting, obscure stuff to be had. Speak up if you're enough of a masochist to wanna do the draft. It'll probably happen in a week or two if there's a bunch of interest, or not at all if there isn't (since, to be fair, it's basically me giving out 150 of my better trade items for what averages out to somewhere between 20-30 cents a card, so I'm not begging people to participate here).

More on all of this stuff when I emerge from my scanning coma.

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