Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Round-Up For 05/22/11!

Have you guys seen these yet? (dayf posted about this card, so chances are, you have.) This is the first card in Topps' HTA store freebie card set for this year. I LOVE this design. They're up to week 6 so far, but I've gotten the impression that most shops that do these promotions have plenty, and that no one really knows the promotion's actually happening this year, so you should be able to catch up pretty easily.

As I've mentioned every time I've posted for the past 2 months, just about, I've been sick with bronchitis. It's easing up, very gradually, but what a pain in the ass. Totally knocked the wind out of my sails. Have a bunch of catching up to do on the posting front (and I'm a little late with one package; Trey, if you're reading this, it's sealed up, addressed, and it goes out Monday morning), so I'll try to cover some of the quick stuff here rather than giving you a late night 100 post special like Night Owl is so fond of me doing.

Peek-a-Boo, Manny! (Don't worry, the drug testers left. You can come out now.) As you can see, I actually managed to get ahold of a little bit of Bowman (a retail rack and a retail single pack. No ZOMG HARPER yet. Tried to get more Bowmans today, but the Target near where I am was cleaned out of everything Bowman. Blasters, racks, singles? GONE. I'm sorry, but kids and casual collectors did not do that, no matter how hot Mr. Future Of Our Sport is. Hey, dealers/scalpers/magazine editors, knock it off, eh? Anyway, I got a few cards from the packs I got that I wanted (not Manny, but this is a silly pic so I'll keep it), but nothing super-special. I did, however, get the next "CAPTION THIS CARD!" subject, which you'll see eventually, and some bait for the Braves fans in the audience:

Up for grabs!

Speaking of "up for grabs", this bronze CC was in the one pack of Gypsy Queen retail I've managed to buy in a month of the product being out. It's #434/999, and available for trade.

I got a Morneau mini in that one, too, but that's a keeper. Plus...'s one of them weirdo variations with the fortune teller broad on it! Anyone have an idea of how often these backs show up?

On the subject of minis, I'm strongly considering bailing on all but the minis of the players I actually collect (and the Ginter non-ballplayers). I'm never, ever going to put together an '07 Ginter mini set (just to cite an example). I'll finish Kimball, since I'm close on that, and I'll probably hang onto Goodwin and Obak, since those are short mini sets, but you may have a shot at some Ginter and 206 minis fairly soon. Stay tuned!

I'm not doing a Trade Bait Draft. It'd drive me nuts to set up, put me in the hole too far, and I think SpastikMooss has another one coming up, so let's leave that jazz to him. I'm actually strongly considering ditching updates on my trade list, because it's so out of date. My trade stash is in order and I can find stuff for you guys, but keeping an active tally on how many 1987 Topps Rafael Palmeiros I have, well, that's kind of exhausting to keep thinking about. Want list? That'll stay updated, even as it refines itself a little, but the trade list may die screaming soon.

Hey, look! Carl Crawford's running really fast! And he's shiny! Yep, still collecting these. Get in touch if you've got 'em for trade.

This is an oddball that I got either at the flea market or one of the May card shows. (Seriously, stuff's been a blur.) I thought it looked weird, and I was right...

Yep, that's the back. From some poking around, I found out that it's a promo card for the '83 set, and even cooler, it's one with an unused design for the leaders card that features two of my guys, Reggie and Gorman!

That's what I've got for right this second. I should be doing a little piece on '11 Upper Deck Football (No joke! Have other people been writing about it? I've seen it nowhere but Beckett...) within the next day or so. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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