Friday, May 6, 2011

There's one wisenheimer in every crowd...

(Apologies to COMC, but they were the first place I could find that even had a scan of this after checking a few different places. Go buy some cards from them, readers!)

So, I was double-checking that all the cards were in my '88 Score set that I picked up last weekend, and pulling a few for my set spotlight post (Are you psyched yet?), and as is almost always the case when you pick up non-factory, even on something as common and cheap as this set, one friggin' card was missing. I checked my trade stash a bit ago, and of course, though I'm near-positive I had one at some point, it went.

So, if anyone has a 1988 Score Bill Doran (card #52) laying around, I'd greatly appreciate it. Get in touch. For that matter, if you have a 1986 Donruss Kirk Gibson Diamond King (card #1), that'd be cool too.


  1. I don't think COMC minds, it's free advertising for them

  2. I'm sure they don't, as they seem like a reasonably cool company, but you would be surprised how many people do get upset about things like impromptu reposts of their scans of someone else's intellectual property. I could write a book. Those laws, and peoples' interpretation of them, are a mess, but let's stay on topic here because that's a HUGE kettle of fish to open before 10 in the morning. ;)

    Anyway, I credited them and kicked them a link, so hopefully it gets them (and, by proxy, some of you who sell on there) some business.

  3. They don't mind. In fact, they even suggest that you do so and how:


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