Thursday, May 5, 2011

This Card Is Cool: The Trade!

Man, it took me forever to get to this one. Sorry 'bout that. Been under the weather of late, as I've mentioned. A few weeks back, Ryan from This Card Is Cool gave me a buzz, asking me if I wanted some Jackie Robinson cards. We all know the answer to that question. Without further ado...

This is a sweet lookin' card that was apparently a Little Debbie promo, tied in with "Ken Burns' Baseball". Simple, elegant design.

For foilboard and a hologram, this one scanned damn well.

This Legendary Cuts one is a bit more conventional than the other two, but it's still a welcome addition. I ended up with some other Legendary Cuts from this year somehow, and I like 'em.

Hey, wait! That's not Jackie Robinson! Yep, Ryan threw in this Bucky Dent Goodwin, at my request, when I saw that he had it for trade.

Thanks for the cards, Ryan!

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  1. Glad you like them! Always nice to find homes for some of the cards I can't use.


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