Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2011 Topps Series 2

OK, time to get this over with before I move onto the interesting stuff. (I keed, I keed.)

I was at Target yesterday as their card guy was stocking Series 2 and restocking some other things, so I grabbed two of the first rack packs he put on the shelves!

"HOORAY THE NEW CARDS ARE HERE THE NEW CARDS ARE HERE oh and I threw another no-hitter"

"That's right, we bad." King Felix's jersey looks HUUUUUGE in this pic.

A little J-Hey for you Bravos fans in the audience.

...and this is the guy the Royals don't usually play in the outfield. Man.

w00 49 more inserts for me to chase when I'm not done with Series 1 yet!

48! This is a really nice card of Brooksie.

This shiny bugger of Doc is a new insert called "Diamond Stars", and like most of the shiny of this nature, it doesn't scan as well as it looks in person. Not in love with it, but I'll get the ones of the guys I collect. Inserts in each rack pack were collated identically, by the way: 1 Diamond Anniversary, 1 Diamond Stars, 1 Diamond Giveaway code card, 1 Kimball, 1 Topps 60, 1 reprint card and 1 Diamond Duos. I dunno if it's a thing with Series 2 (or if it was one with Series 1), but if so, I like it. Helps to have a good idea of what you'll be getting, going in.

To get off the subject for a second, from talking to the card rep about the state of a few stores, people need to get a grip in NJ. In his stores, Gypsy Queen and especially Bowman got absolutely mauled by hoarders and dealers looking to scalp retail packs. Apparently, no one remembers 1988. Anyway, back to happy card news!

To finish off for today's batch, this is a card we're going to remember for a long time. Classic action shot. I've seen it posted at least one other place so far, but it's for good reason. I made it nice and big, so enjoy!

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  1. The bastards snatched up any Gypsy Queen and Bowman the instant it shelves around here (San Francisco area) too. I've seen a small scattering of loose packs of GQ lately, but you know they've been manhandled. I was lucky enough that one time to find some Bowman, but not since.

    I think I posted this in my card show report last month, but some guy was selling $19.99 blasters of Bowman for $35 each. I hate these profiteers.

    And now that Topps 2 is out, I've been checking every morning at Target to see if anything is in yet. It isn't. But it will go pretty quickly when it arrives. You'd think they'd get a clue and stock more, the way baseball cards just fly off the shelf around here.


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