Thursday, June 16, 2011

East Dover Card Show III: This Time, It's Personal

So, on Sunday, Dr. Wax had another card show in beautiful Toms River, NJ, and I was actually OK on cash for once, being that I got a little for my birthday (which was the same day as the show, in fact), so I got to have a little more fun than usual at the show. Here's what I did to myself...

dayf was talking recently about how price guides brainwashed us to believe we'd never own fine cards like this Garvey rookie. In fact, I got this one...

...and this one for a little more than I'd have paid for a blaster, total. As you can see, while it's got a little of the usual '71 abuse on the corners (but not marker-enhanced; some card I got recently was, so I know what to look for now, but it wasn't a card that was promised to me in great shape or expensive so it's all good), the Garvey's in friggin' great shape, especially considering that the seller got it at a garage sale (along with 2 others that were close to as decent) a few weekends prior. The Molitor/Trammell (and 2 of its buddies) were found at the same sale. For some reason that escapes me, neither of these cards were on my top wants, but I'm damn glad to have 'em, especially for what I paid.

I got my man Knowshon's rookie for a buck at the same table. The Broncos seem to be at odds with Knowshon, or skeptical of his ability to be a feature back, but they also thought Payton Hillis was a scrub. Clearly, they need to get a little better at evaluating talent, because if they underestimate Knowshon, it will bite them in the ass.

MOJO! MOJO! (I keed, I keed.) Also a buck, picked this and another Best prospect up from the same dealer because I'm building the Best sets.

Told ya I'd been having some Bash Brothers action lately. This is a decent Canseco card as they go (I kinda tapped out on my interest in building a player collection of his sometime between when I got the last rookie card I needed and the night when he got wasted and started begging Lady Gaga to marry him on Twitter), but mostly, I'm building glossy All-Star sets and this was a card I needed.

Ditto for this Studio Heritage card. These bastards are way harder to find than one would expect, probably because dealers never think to bring them to shows or put them out for sale at shops.

Last card for the day, for now, anyway. (I also won some 23k gold Mark McGwire "commemorative" card that Fleer put out, numbered to like 5 billion, still in the package, but I haven't scanned it or taken a picture of it yet, but enough about Mark. Friggin' Gil Hodges is in front of us!) This is a quality shot of the manager of the World Champion 1969 Mets. I seem to be working backward on my Hodges collection, trying to meet up with my '57 Topps card. The '60s shouldn't be that hard to finish, but after that, his cards take on that mythical air, even the cheap ones. I got slaughtered on eBay recently in the last 10 seconds of 2 1956 Hodges auctions, so I know this all too well. Still, another Hodges down!

Oh, and while I was too heavily invested in eating it to take a picture, I got a Johnny G's meatball sub this time! Highly recommended, if you're in the Toms River, NJ area (whether you're at a Dr. Wax show or not!). Some folks might cringe a little at a meatball sandwich for breakfast, but it gets great marks from me. 

Finally, I missed meeting Sooz from A Cardboard Problem and Chris from Stale Gum by minutes. Rats! One of these days, I need to set up a table at the show, so I'm more inclined to stay put after I've run the gauntlet of all the tables. Love the vibe at the shows, great shows to hang around and shoot the shit at, but I always end up leaving before Noon for some reason.


  1. Nice Garvey! I need to find that one for my PC. We should trade again sometime. It's been awhile.

  2. Updating my trade list as we speak, my good man. (I just finished '81 Topps.) Mark Z. gets a few cards from me for the '84/McGwire experience (pulling those tonight, to keep the confusion to a minimum), then Bo gets next crack at a trade because he's holding like 2 and a half sets for me right now, but after that, we'll talk!

  3. You sure that ain't the Yo Mamma Garvey from last year? Damn, I've got two of that card and I thought both were in great shape. But never seen one like that. Centered AND unchipped.

  4. I'm damn sure. Top left corner's got a pretty visible ding, but I spent a good 5 minutes carefully examining the 3 specimens the guy had, and this was the best. Not bad for a large pizza with toppings, eh?


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