Sunday, June 5, 2011

I was jonesing some wax ripping today...

Went to Target. Scalpers have basically gone all rainforest on the card wall. Ugh. Knew where I could get some Bowman and Gypsy Queen, but as I'm collecting neither and have the majority of the cards I wanted from both, why bother? Thought about buying some Series 1 to shoot for a Diamond code, but I've got the set, and so does everyone else. No one around here has Topps Series 2 yet, so that's out. So, I came home, still kinda with the card shakes, still thinking about getting something. Ate lunch, checked the 'net, decided to look at eBay on a whim. Nothing under my usual saved searches. For the heck of it, I checked to see what was ending in the next few minutes, and this came up...

It was at a buck fifty, plus $2.50 shipping when I poked my head in with 2 minutes remaining. Nailed it with seconds left, for $2.02 plus shipping. My first '53, and he's a Bum to boot! I'm especially psyched about this, because '53 is the only year of Topps that I've never had a single card of (I had a pack of '51 red backs once upon a time, but sold it off for some reason in the '90s), and because the gentleman who painted most, if not all of the '53 set, the late Gerry Dvorak, taught a cartooning class I took as a kid, so it seemed like a sin that I've never owned a '53.

I know everyone's making this exact post lately, but this card beats the hell out of what I'd have gotten for $5 of current wax, doesn't it?


  1. Yes, yes it does.

    Congrats! A very nice pickup.

  2. Thanks! It was just one of those things. I rarely see anything in the general "ending soon" list, and when I do, it rarely stays this affordable.

    If someone told me I'd be even this far along on my Bums collection when I started it a couple of years ago, I'd have told them they were nuts.

  3. Did you know he painted those cards when you took the class? If so, did he share any stories about his time with Topps?

  4. He mentioned it, and brought what was probably a print into class (I think it was either the Mantle or the Eddie Mathews), but he didn't go into a lot of detail about it, since it was a cartooning class rather than a painting one. This was 1985 or so, and while I was buying cards, the fact that the guy who painted the '53 Mantle (which eventually fetched $150,000 at auction) was showing me how to draw Woody Woodpecker kinda went over my head, unfortunately. Nice guy, though. I'd see him set up at local card shows once in a while after that, too. Found out about his passing in sort of a weird, bittersweet way. I was visiting the Baseball Hall of Fame for the first time, and in the card exhibit, they had a note about it next to the '53 Topps cards. Felt really "last scene of 'A League Of Their Own'" in a way.

  5. can you imagine i just found out wife is related to and has original drawings of the cartoons from GERRY DVORAK my email is with questions I am still a little blown away about the mickey mantle thing.

  6. Bobby, that's mighty interesting! Any info you or your wife are willing to tell us about Gerry (who I only met a few times over the years, but who seemed like a really good guy and was a genuine talent, obviously) would be greatly appreciated. I'll email you over the weekend.


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