Friday, June 17, 2011

On my birthday proper...

I was at my local, looking through the Series 2 singles to see what they had from my wants, and Brenda (who works at the card counter with the aforementioned Bob) walked up to me and handed me a wrapped present. I thanked her, but being an old fart and being in the middle of some serious checklisting, I waited until I was done gathering all the cards I needed before opening it. When I did, I realized what an amazingly hilarious mistake this was (and what a really generous gift; thanks again, Brenda!), as the package contained 2 jumbo Series 2 packs! Oh, how I laughed, as I had to ferret out 40 or so cards from my existing card pile. Anyway, here's the non-base card highlights from the gift packs...

Hey, it's one of them Prime 9 cards! Hopefully, I'll actually remember to redeem it.

Don Mattingly: The Lord Of The Dance.

Well, if I had to get a manupatch, I can think of much worse ones to get than Frank Robinson. I'm still not in love with the concept, but this is a good looking, well-executed card.

And, finally...


Brenda can pick out some packs, can't she?

Before I left, I also snagged this beaut of shiny Murph from the inserts box. I probably won't get many more of the short-print legend variations from Shinyland, but this is a good 'un. Say, how many people out there are still working on building a shiny set, anyway, and how close are y'all?


  1. I'm still toying with the shiny set but it may not matter due to me reaching 45 rings in the Diamond Giveaway and when you hit 45 you 'win' a Topps 60th anniversary set. I have no idea what it is but I suspect it is a shiny set.


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