Wednesday, June 15, 2011

People send me stuff: Mark Z.!

(See if you can guess the answers to any of these. No cheating!)

So, Fuji and I were talking on Facebook about finishing '84 Topps, and his friend Mark Z. chimed in, saying he had a few cards for me. We started talking, and he said he'd send 'em along with some other want list stuff, "send whatever you think is fair, whenever you get to it". OK, I can handle that. The package arrived over the weekend, and in it were some '84s I needed (you've all seen 1984 Topps cards, right? Good.), Joe Morgan and John Denny Fun Foods pins (they're a pain to scan and I'm too tired to photograph them), the above Trivial Pursuit card (I think Mark uses these as a dual packing material/calling card solution), and the following 3 cards which help me get closer to set-building goals, but are of a guy I don't usually seek out to buy...

Remember him? Nah, me neither. In all seriousness, there was a time when he was the man, and again, every card like this is a card toward a goal (in this case, '89 Topps glossy All-Stars; interestingly, I got a very similar card at the show this past weekend).

Man, I love EX cards. I got hooked on them when I got a good-sized handful spanning a few years in a box lot some years ago. This one, as you can see, has a little scratch on the red right hand part of the card, but still, awesome. 

And here's one from '01 Leaf Rookies & Stars, another set I got hooked on after getting a bunch in the lot I got the EX cards in. I don't run into a lot of these, either, so it's gonna take some doing to build the set.

You probably won't see me post about a lot of deals that involve 3 Mark McGwire cards, so if you're a fan, bask in it! I was pretty happy to get them, all baggage aside (and the fact that they were pulled from my want list shows that someone really, really hunted on that want list for stuff I need), so thanks, Mark!

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  1. There's a reason why I don't play Trivial Pursuit, especially a sports edition like that. I prefer the Peter Griffin version. "What is the color of a fire truck?"

    Those '89 Topps All-Star cards are the first insert cards I ever had, since an '89 Topps rack pack is the first pack I ever opened. Those were the days.


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