Tuesday, June 7, 2011

People send me stuff!

I arrived home from my weekend with a few packages here, one expected, and one not. First, the one I was expecting:

Yes, Fuji actually sent me a hard copy of this card, which is AWESOME! I dunno if he sends these out with every package, or just select ones, but either way, GREAT card.

Fuji and I had been talking recently about how we were both close to completing the '84 Topps set (he's done it since, I'm close but not quite there yet; see my sidebar for my needs), so he looked through his doubles and found 7 cards I needed, including this one:

I can't believe I was missin' an '80s Molitor! I was, though. Along with the '84s and the really cool card of him, Fuji also kicked me some cool stuff for my player collections, including these...

Hey, it's the Krukker! This one's from the '93 Hostess Baseballs set. I actually have a bunch of these cards (and some doubles), so I'm surprised I never got a Kruk.

He also sent me two, count 'em, two Scoremasters cards! I'm eventually gonna plunk down money and buy the whole box when I get inspired to, but for now, we'll admire them one at a time. That's Darryl up above, if you didn't recognize him.

And this is an absolutely gorgeous Eric Davis card.

Seriously one of the best looking sets of all time.

I tried like heck to get him to accept something for the '84s, but he wouldn't, simply asking me to pay it forward and send someone else something they needed down the road. What a guy! Thanks, Fuji!

Like I said, I got two packages from people, gratis (Y'all are the best!), and the second one was from Ryan G, who's starting to make a bit of a habit of sending me a couple cards of my Player Of The Month for the heck of it. Thanks again for last month's Boggses, and thanks for this month's Vlad's, Ryan!

The blue foil on '05 Opening Day really pops with that card design, doesn't it?

Then we have this crazy Stadium Club insert of our hero. Both nice cards, and great additions to the PC!

Again, you folks are the best!

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  1. Glad to see the cards arrived... best of luck on completing the 1984 Topps set. I actually realized this weekend (while putting my set in a binder) that I was one card short. Luckily, one of my buddies from CCW has an extra. Take care!


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