Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rapid-Fire Post Day Continues: The Bums Are Here!



Yep, this one definitely gives the Munson rookie a run for its money, though I think the Munson edges it just slightly in sheer beaten-up-ness. I really wish there was a way to convey the tactile sensation of holding a card over the 'net, because this card's like nothin' else. It almost feels like felt, and like the Munson, you get this feeling holding it that it's going to just disintegrate in your hands. It's incredibly soft, incredibly worn, and the crease separating Furillo and Hodges like a lightning bolt was definitely used for a ton of flipping, if not some serious duty in some spokes. (I've still never seen a card that I can confirm was on spokes duty. Anyone got a scan?) 

This card seriously looks and feels like it went to 'Nam with someone and came back.

I love it.

Did I mention that the seller threw a buck in the envelope because they'd overcharged for shipping?

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