Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Round-Up for 06/14/11!

'Sup, Wally? Got this one via eBay at the end of last week!

I've been a slack-ass poster lately, but a few things of note have happened since last I wrote:

1. Barring any unforeseen complications on my Sportlots order, 1984 Topps will be complete within about a week! Thanks to Mark Z., Fuji, Night Owl, Bo (who provided the lion's share of the missing cards) and everyone else who helped me make this happen! It's odd, because, even though I had the Mattingly and the Strawberry, along with other keys like Ryan and Ripken, '84 Topps seemed insurmountable. Maybe it's because I didn't buy any when they came out, I dunno. Next stop on the old Topps set parade: '81 (28 to go there, list on the sidebar). After that, I'll see where I'm at. May as well just keep crackin' on the sets!

2. As you may have seen from the sidebar, I'm within 50 cards of finishing '11 Topps Series 2 base. I've got some doubles, too, if you need anything. I'd love to wrap this one up within the month of June. I've also got a cool pack ripping story coming up later in the week, when I'm awake.

3. Another Dr. Wax card show happened this weekend. I'll be posting about it later this week, when I'm awake. Got some good stuff.

4.  I saw Bryce Harper play the BlueClaws again on Sunday. Dude scored 2 runs without getting a hit (walk and a HBP put him on). He's got some wheels on 'em. No autos this time either (he didn't sign for anyone, pre-game), but from what I saw, there's a good reason for that. A LOT of the same faces as last time, trying to bum an auto off the kid to (probably) put on eBay, crowding out just about everyone else. Guys, how about letting someone else, particularly some kids, get some ink? Granted, I'm no kid, but I'm also not a professional autograph seller. To Harp's credit, before everyone rides him for signing for nobody, when he came in from the field after catching the last out in an early inning, he threw a ball to a youngster who was sitting above the dugout.

5. My trade list has been sitting here mocking me for about 2 months. It needs updating, badly. People have suggested that my neglecting of the trade list updates makes the baby Jeebus cry. I agree, but man, am I burnt out on doing lists like that. It's tough when you buy a bunch of big (for me) lots of mixed stuff in a short period of time. I'm sure you sympathize. No? Well, the heck with ye, then. I'll try to get to it soon.

OK, that's it for this morning. More later, probably after a nap.


  1. I always get mesmerized and lost in Wally's eyebrows...They're so....incredible....

    (on a serious note, let me see what I can help with on those want lists so they mock you less)

  2. Make that 42 to go. I have the following for 2011 series 2: 340, 364, 463, 474, 537, 607, 632, 650. Along with a few other cards put aside as well.

  3. Hey, cool. Thanks, Ted! I'll make a note of those.


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