Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Round-Up for 06/26/11: Live Chat, Flea Market Finds, Binge Dividends and more!

Busybusybusy. I have been too busy running errands, collating cards, hosting a live chat (see below) and trying to put together a deal or two to do any writing here! Without scanning a million cards, let me try to sum up and give you a peek at what I've been up to.

I got these mysterious cards (and 40 of their set cohorts) over the past week. I'll be talking about them a bunch soon.

I've been spending way too much time on the Diamond Giveaway site. Portfolio's up to something like 54 cards (nothing I'd have them send me so far, but close), from 14 codes. Trades have stalled a little over the weekend, but I've got time to deal. As an aside, check out the 'fro on Tim Hosley! The green and gold really brings it out, doesn't it? I wish that card had been in the '78 Topps lot I splurged on for the birthday. 323 cards, 290 of which I needed (I'll be giving them a much closer look once I have scanner time), but no Tim Hosley.

Probably made in Photoshop and printed on a home inkjet, but it's a fun card, so I don't care where it came from. This was part of the recent birthday binge as well, finally grabbed one off eBay for more than I should've paid but less than these things usually go for.

Remember this guy? He showed up this week, too. Really nice specimen with flat, clean cardboard. Cut's not picture perfect, but I paid $4 (shipped), it's older than his '63 Fleer card, and it's a card that survived being part of a cereal box, being cut from said cereal box by overzealous kids, and the general wear and tear of the world for 49 years. I'm pretty psyched to own it.

Oh, this happened yesterday, too. Aaron's a little dinged, but I got both of 'em for $7.50 with free shipping. How is that even possible? That's almost like getting a beaten-up copy of a '71 Topps Dusty Baker/Don Baylor rookie for 50 cents at a flea market! 

Yeah, that happened, too. When I've got scanning time and typing time, I'll talk about this weekend's flea market adventures, both good (the Baylor/Baker rookie and a near-complete '76 SSPC set for $10; don't worry, it's just missing 3 commons) and bad (I'm not quite ready to talk about the "bad" yet, but it involved me attempting to exercise some financial restraint, so be proud of me while you're busy cringing later). I'm headed back out there as soon as I'm done typing this up, so maybe I'll turn it around, and on less money, to boot.

I had a blast hanging out at the second Trade Bait Draft the other night. Took in the pre-game and first few rounds, then the last few. SpastikMooss is getting to be an old hand at this, there was some great conversation and seeing who'd pick what was fun stuff.

While I won't be doing a Trade Bait Draft of my own any time soon (my buying habits just don't bring me into contact with enough "hits" to justify it for most of the interested parties, truthfully), I will be doing a repeat performance of what I busted out a few days ago. Tuesday evening, at 9 PM Eastern Time, you are all invited to join me for live chat on my trade list! Our first try went pretty well, with visits from Nathan, Ted and Mark (who actually stopped by again the next night and helped me figure out how keep you all from showing up as "Anonymous User 7" or whatever), and I announced the chat at the end of the draft, so hopefully we'll see a bunch of faces! Stop by, trade with me, trade with each other, shoot the breeze, it'll be a gas.

Off to the market again! Wish me luck!


  1. I'll be at the chat if I can make regular chats is a fantastic idea and I'll be there as often as I can be. Shoot out a tweet right before if you can so that we don't forget :)

  2. I'll be busy Tuesday night but I'll definitely end up at one of your chats someday!

  3. That Roy Hobbs card is based on a prop from the movie. I've never been able to figure out if they are actually original props from the movie or if they were reprinted.

  4. dayf: after a while, I stopped caring where it came from and bought one anyway. It looks cool. Isn't that supposed to be the point of this exercise? Speaking of, loving the '55 Bowman beaters. I've got one of my own coming up in my COMC post, if I ever get around to making my COMC post.

    Nathan, Mooss: be great to see you there, whenever you manage to show up. I'm thinking of doing this somewhat regularly, life and sleep issues permitting.


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