Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Round-Up for 6/21/11: Text-Only, Good News/Bad News Edition!

Yep, this means that I don't feel like scanning things today. Lots to discuss though, so I wanted to talk to y'all anyway. We're gonna do some good news/bad news stuff here.

The good news: I'm closing in on and completing a bunch of sets and collecting goals, and I wouldn't have been able to do it without you guys and gals. Thanks! I need 3 cards (380, 587 and 660, which I got as a sparkle variation yesterday, but still don't have a base card of!) to finish Series 2. I need one more base Topps Seattle Pilot ('69 Pilots Rookies, #394) to finish the base Pilots collection. I'm 16 away from finishing base Heritage, 15 from finishing my '81 Topps set (see my sidebar or want list for updated lists of what I need on each of these), I finished '84 Topps, I made huge strides on '80, '82 and '83 Topps, I've got a bunch of '78s coming later this week that may put a good-sized dent in that set, and Bo and I have another monster deal in the works for a full set and a few near-completes. Also, I've gotten a few long-time wants, a mess of Brooklyn Dodgers, that sorta thing. Starting this site has done exactly what I'd hoped it'd do on many of these fronts, and it's been fun shootin' the breeze with everyone while I've been doing it, too.

The bad news: I've been on another binge. It's birthday-related, but I really gotta rein it in by the end of this month. Like, to the point where I want y'all to yell at me if you see me buying any one item over $10 on eBay and the like or something like two or three $5 items in a week, starting July 1st. It's ultimately my responsibility to hold it together, but friends help each other out on that front, too. Feel free to ask me to yell at you too, if you find yourself begging for change outside of Target for your next blaster.

The good news: Ginter, Update Obak and (if I can actually get any) Goodwin are the only new sets I'd be really interested in building for the rest of the year. The rest, I can do my usual "grab the players I collect and the interesting ones from singles piles, maybe a few packs if something really piques my interest" deal on. Are any of you planning on buying Goodwin, by the way? Let me know.

The bad news: this is going to put a cramp in my style where getting to 45 rings on Diamond Giveaway is concerned. I'm not lookin' for Mickey. If I get 'em, great. The ring would bring in some cash, certainly, and if I got the Mantle ring, I'd pretty much have to go for the rest of the set, but it's nothing I'd keep or cry over if I didn't get one. I would like that Anniversary set, though, if it's confirmed that it's a shiny factory set. If it's not a shiny set (I haven't been able to get an answer out of Topps just yet), easy come, easy go, but it'd be REALLY cool to line one of those up if so, and as expensive as getting 31 more codes would be, it'd beat the hell out of tracking down 600 more shiny cards.

The good news: I have managed to turn 14 cards on Diamond Giveaway into 44 so far, and they haven't all sucked! I even managed to trade a 1992 Topps Brian Bohanon! (Sure, I traded it for an '87 Andre Dawson, but still!) My goal is to have all the cards left over from the MCG by the end of this thing, I think.

The bad news: it's pretty hard to trade blindly, as is the way of things on the Diamond Giveaway site. If I post screenshots of my holdings, would any of you be willing to hop on your instant messenger of choice to confirm that we're pulling the trigger on a deal at the same time for stuff you're interested in?

The good news: all these thoughts about trading, combined with my finally updating the trade list and my needing to cut back on boredom-induced trips to eBay/COMC/Sportlots/Target, has me thinking about trades again. Folks, consider the floodgates open, and if we had a trade a few months back that sorta stalled, know that I've still got the cards you were interested in on my trade shelf waiting for you, so get in touch!

The bad news: it's not always easy to track y'all down. We've all got busy lives, in some way or another, so it's tough to hash these trades and such out.

The good news: I'm trying something out again tonight, in an attempt to remedy this. Stop by my trade list around 9 PM Eastern Time, and hang out. I'll be opening the chat window as soon as I see you. We can talk trades, cards, or whatever.

That's it for now. More stuff tomorrow, including pictures of actual cards!


  1. sorry scotty, was in the chat for about 10 minutes and then DCd and didn't have internet for the last 24 hours

  2. No worries, figured that was what happened. Sorry to hear it cut out on you, glad you're back on. You missed Ted from Crinkly Wrappers and Mark from Mark's Ephemera (and there were two other people who at least looked at the page after I zoned out, but as Google shows people as anon until proven otherwise, I'm not sure who they were. If you stopped in to chat, let me know who you were, folks!


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