Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Semi-Annual Check Out My Cards Order Post

So, last week-ish, Check Out My Cards had one of their bulk shipping sales that they have about twice a year, so I got in on that. Just as I was about to, the Grand Cards dude (sorry, senile, totally blanking on your name) posted on Twitter that he miscalculated his Check Out My Cards credit, and was just short of being able to fulfill his order, so I started my order off by getting a few nice, cheap cards from his account and helping him get things off the ground...

I don't buy a lot of non-Islander hockey cards, but I'll rarely if ever pass on a cheap Gretzky. This was the first of two Upper Deck National VIP cards I got from the Grand Cards feller...

...and this Flacco card was the other one. Can Ray Lewis retire already, so I can root for Flacco and Ray Rice without second-guessing myself? Anyway, these cards brought Grand Cards up to snuff, and I hope they enjoyed their order as much as I enjoyed mine. From here, I moved onto the rest of the fun stuff I'd been eyeballing...

Ronnie Brown rookie! For a quarter! Weirdest thing: for pretty much my entire life, I've had an irrational hatred of the Dolphins. Well, kinda rational when Shula and Marino were there, but it went beyond that. Their uniforms pissed me off, the fact that the dolphin wouldn't be able to breathe through the football helmet pissed me off, you name it. Anyway, Ronnie Brown comes along with his fancy Wildcatting and his AWESOME bubble gum cards (seriously, the man knows how to be awesome on a trading card) and despite his being a Dolphin, it's impossible for me not to love the guy. Hopefully there'll be a f00'ball season this year, and I'll get to see more of his hi-jinks and the cards which capture them so well.

Speaking of ballplayers I just dig, Rick Cerone's one. He came to the Yanks the year after Thurman Munson died (November trade, actually), and he had a great year that helped people feel a little better. He never equalled it, mind you, but I always had fun watching him try, and he hung around for a good while, putting in 3 tours of duty with the Yankees, playing for the Mets and all kinds of other teams in between, and showing up in Topps Traded just about every season for a pretty long stretch there. After he finished playing, he helped found the current incarnation of the Newark Bears, which was also pretty cool of him. This '78 card (his first solo Topps card; he appeared on the Dale Murphy rookie the year before, and also in the '76 SSPC set the year before that) completed my run of his base Topps cards, and I was having a heck of a time finding it before my order.

Hey, it's Kong! This Dave Kingman completed his base Topps run for me, too. Kong's been all over the news this past week, courtesy of this interview and of this response to it by rat recipient Susan Fornoff. I generally have a hard time being a fan of anyone who acts like a jerk, and Kong definitely did on that day (and probably a few others), but for some reason, despite that, he's too interesting a character for me to look at him the same way I do Keith Hernandez, for instance. I'd really like to get to the bottom of what the difference is there, and maybe I will eventually, but in the meantime, I'll keep collecting his cards and thinking about what an odd dude he was.

Another completion of sorts, as this Straw is the last base rookie card I needed of his. I still need his '83 Topps Traded rookie, but I'll grab that with the rest of the set eventually. This one goes for a lot less than the '84 Mattingly, most likely because Mattingly didn't have the sorts of problems Darryl did, but I had a much harder time tracking it down without Internet help.

A near-completion here, as I only need Catfish's rookie card to have all of his base Topps cards. He had pretty swell hair here.

Stunningly enough, after a binge purchase involving the '59 card later in the week, I only need one more base Topps Carl Furillo card (the '58) to be complete on those. As I said recently, Carl Furillo was sort of like a mythical creature whose cards never appeared affordable until a few short months ago. Now, I've got 4 base Topps, 2 base Bowman and the '57 Dodgers Sluggers card. What a country!

Hey, another (former) Bum! Love this Newk in his Reds duds, and damn it, I think '60 Topps is finally growing on me. One more card to go (though honorable mention goes to the Seattle Pilots cards I didn't scan, as I'm with 1 of having all the base Topps Pilots cards now)...ready for it? Here it is...


It's a miscut that makes it look like one of them funny European TVs, but that aside, do not attempt to adjust your TV sets, this is a '55 Bowman Gil Hodges card that I got for $5.50. Awesome. My '55 Bowman Bums are in serious danger of catching up to the '56 Topps Bums. It still amazes me that I have any original Brooklyn Dodgers cards, much less a couple Gil Hodges and a whole mess of Carl Furillos.

So, that's my story. 
What'd the rest of you load up on while COMC had the sale?

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