Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Some dime box stuff from last week...

When I arrived at my local last Wednesday, I found, to my dismay, that the Series 2 hobby boxes had not arrived yet. Thankfully, Bob was putting together grab bags at the time, and when he does that, he lets me look through the boxes a bit and grab some stuff at dime box prices. He was especially willing to do this on Wednesday because I found a bunch of Upper Deck Jeter rookies lurking in the grab bag boxes that shouldn't have been there. Anyway, here's a few highlights (out of the ton of stuff I got; lots of cool finds, but these are the best), before we get to all the weekend fun.

Gator! I didn't even know this card of him, as a pitching coach, existed. It's from the '07 Topps Yankees team set package. I don't think it was in the regular '07 set. Gator's good people, met him in Cooperstown a few years ago when we were both there to see Goose get inducted. Yanks never should've replaced him with Eiland.

I also got another Yankee can't-miss pitching prospect from the box. This may be my first Action Packed card ever. Don't worry, it's not trimmed. It's just impossible to get a good-looking image of Action Packed cards without including whitespace outside of the card, and ah hates doin' that. This is from the '94 set, and it mentions Brien's infamous injury extensively on the back.

A jolly good Oil Can from his Expos days. Looks like he might've been rockin' the Jheri curl under the hat.

Pokey! A little Classic minor league action. Doesn't he look like he's dancing with Navin Johnson's family in the opening and ending sequences of "The Jerk" here? I miss Pokey, good player. Tempting to start a bona fide player collection of 'em.

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